Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

Literally, back in the saddle as I rode in on my bike today. I have to complete an hour ride after work today in the 102 degree weather. Can't.Wait.Really.

The cruise was AWESOME!!! Great times were had. I actually have to work today (which sucks) so I'll have to write my cruise review later! I only gained 2 lbs though, very, very happy about that. Have a great day everyone!

Keep on Rockin!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cruise Time and bra shopping...

The day is here, time to cruise baby! I'm up at 5:30am so I can go over my pack job, make sure I have the essentials. Of course I'm totally PMSing this week - sore boobs, bloated, can't sleep....all the good stuff. Yesterday to prepare I had to go find a strapless bra....let me share.

There are three things that I really dislike shopping for: Jeans, Swimsuits and Bras. Jeans - only because I have tree trunk thighs (yes, I know that those thighs power me along on bike rides, swims and runs...) and a shapely Mexican booty. It's hard to find something that fits, and I have to try on pair after pair. Swimsuits - well, I really don't know anyone who enjoys trying on swim suits?? Especially if you go to the store to do it, the fluorescent lights just accentuate any flaw that you might have and if the lights miss it the wiggity wacked mirrors will do the rest. And then there is bra shopping.

Okay, so years ago I was properly fitted for a bra (which I think EVERY mother should do for her daughter when she starts really needing a bra) and found out that I was wearing the wrong size...by a long shot. I was a 34DDD and wearing a 36D. Now, since then I've had a breast reduction and now I am a 34DD. (I'm sure you thinking WHAT, why'd you have the surgery. But, that is another story for another blog. We'll just say that between them growing back and a egotistical Dr who made me "proportional" (see Mexican booty above) that's where I ended up.) I have my favorite brand of bra, Wacoal. You put one on and you FEEL the difference....anyway, back to bra shopping. I went into Macy's to find a Wacoal strapless bra that I had seen on the web, with a notation that it was in stores. They had two in stock and none were my size. So the lady tried to find me something...

She tells me that if I go up in band size that it should fit the cup. DON'T believe this people. It's not true. Yes, it will technically stay on, however it will be ill fitting and you'll be uncomfortable. Think about it, extra inches around the band doesn't mean that your boobs are going to be less full?? Anyway, my size is not "normal" so we went from brand to brand. I finally settle on this Fiona bra, in the incorrect size. The bra can stand up on it's own and has padding....what.the.eff??? Padding in a D - DD bra? No joke. Just to give you a little lift. Yeah, nice. Just think though, if I fall off the boat I'll have my own personal flotation device! But seriously, there is nothing like trying on a bra when your pms-ing: Sore boobs? Check! Bloated? Check! Boobs larger than normal? Check, Check!

Back to the fun though, cruise time! Cruise time! I've over packed. It looks like I'm leaving for two weeks but seriously I didn't know what to bring and I fear I'm still missing stuff. I figure I can buy it, albeit overprice, on the boat.

So farewell for the weekend Peeps. I will be giving you a full report when I get back. Stay cool on Rock On!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splash and Dash baby!

Okay, so the title sounds a lot more fun than what it actually is... Today I participated in my first 'Splash and Dash' which is a 'race' where you swim 750m and then run 2 miles...at 6pm...in Austin, TX where the temp was 101 degrees. Yep, fun stuff baby.

The Rockstar Friend of the Week Award goes to...(drum roll)....Midwest Girl! She got suckered into doing this with me. I sent her an email with the link saying something like, "This looks fun...you interested?" And knowing MWG it was just enough of a push and of course she said YES! Now, come race day (today) she is PMSing and cramping, but she still picked me up and was a trooper. She gave me tips, told me what to pack, found our transition spot...the whole works!

Now, I've been training so I know I can make it around the Quarry (it is an old Limestone Quarry that they filled with water...leaves your skin feeling...well, not so soft) and I know I can run more than 2 miles. So I wasn't worried about the distance. I was super freaked by the thought of swimming with 100 people, by the thought of getting kicked in the head, by the thought of kicking someone else in the head, and lastly...by the thought of coming in last. :) Oh, I know it's all in fun, these little races, but the competitive part of me wasn't listening to that noise. I know I'm not a strong swimmer (or runner for that matter) but I really, really, REALLY didn't want to come in last.

The time came, I put on my swim cap, put on the goggles and wadded into the water, behind every person. They counted down...3....2....1...blast of the horn and we were off. It was insane, I couldn't get my breath, I sure as heck couldn't do my freestyle stroke! So the group split up between the accomplished swimmer and the stragglers, I was apart of the second group. :) But I made it around without stopping. I only drank a quarter of the quarry and no kicks to the head. As I approached land I hear this girl, "Swim in as far as you can" but I barely heard that because my swim cap comes over my ears. She kept repeating and I looked up and it was MWG! I thought, 'she waited for me??? NO WAY!' But it turned out that she got a really, really bad cramp and knew that she wouldn't make it so she swam back and was my race support. Which I have to say was pretty cool.

I got to the "transition area" (it was just a spot on the hill...which was rocky...in bare feet) and dried off quickly. Really I just squeezed the water out of my crotch. :) I don't need any kind of infection two days before my cruise, and it didn't help that I got waxed today. (whoops!) Anyway, I put my shoes on clumsily and took off....way.too.fast. I was about a quarter of a mile in and my throat felt like the desert. I forgot to take a swig of water. BIG mistake. The water station was on the other side of the quarry and once I got there I stopped, well walked, and drank my water. A co-worker of mine saw me (he was volunteering at the race) and cheered me on. I think I grunted back at him...not very lady like. MWG was at the lap marker and cheered me on. That was lap one, and there were two more like it. I actually high (or low) fived her at the second lap.

MWG was at the finish with my bag and most importantly my water bottle...oh, my dear water bottle how I love you. The whole experience was pretty good considering and I learned some things for next time. Yes, there will be a next time.

My stop watch said 47:44, 23 something on the swim, 2 min on the transition and 22 min on the run. Yeah.

AND...two more days until I am on a boat and sailing away with Legs!!!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Training Update

I ran! 30 minutes in the humid, hot morning with very little shade. But I did it. Yeah. I missed Yoga Zen Babe this morning so we didn't get our kayaking in...that's a bummer. I hope we get some in before I leave. Plus I've missed her this week.

Now, off to shower. I made my grocery list, have to get to the store...maybe after my massage.

So far this week:
2x swimming, one in the pool, one open water swim
1x cycling, tomorrow will make 2
1x running, tomorrow will make 2

Next week? Monday cycle. Tuesday "splash and dash race" (swim 750m, run 2 miles). Wednesday Yoga, cycle, swim. Thursday run. Friday rest. Saturday run on ship. Sunday who knows...but at least I have a "plan."

Oh, if you get a chance, check out one of my favorite blogs. I love it because she's real, she's insightful and has this dark humor about her that I really dig. Just Julie Bean's Smoke Yourself Thin!. Two blogs ago she talks about intuitive eating. Good pointers.

Check ya later yo!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Flippin' Friday!!

We made it! Oh how wonderful it is to be Friday.

Training News - Tonight I am going to swim in open water for the first time. Not play in open water, but swim. Or at least attempt it. I have to get over the fear of biting fish and other icky things. A guy at work say, "You just can't think about it, just swim and you'll be okay." I'll try to follow his advice. This week has been better than last. So far 1 run, 1 swim (soon to be 2), no bike but I'll go on a long ride Sunday.

Cruise news - TWO weeks away...can you believe it? Called Legs last night and we're just so excited. I haven't lost any weight...drats. But you know what? I'm going on a boat with my BFF and she really doesn't give a rip if I have cellulite on my legs, why should I care? I mean the pics that we take will be censored and only the best ones kept. That's what I love about girlfriends. If you say, "Please shoot from here up" they get it. ;) HAHA!

Other news - Not much to report. Right now I'm being lazy and I'm going to be late to work. Next week I'm going to change my workouts to morning time, that is 7am (not this crazy ass 5am stuff), which means that I'll still roll in at 8:30a - 9a. I just won't get to watch GMA. No idea why I started watching it a couple of months ago, but I love it and it is a HUGE time waster in the morning. It seems everyone had happy birthdays, yippee!

Well, off to shower and then off to work. Woohoo. Can you feel the enthusiasm??