Friday, December 5, 2008

Just breathe...

Today, well this week really...has been HELL! I haven't lost ANY weight, in fact I've gained two that happened I have no idea. Wait...maybe it was the left over brownies and ice cream...hmmm.

I haven't left work before 7:30pm in over a week. And that is the way it is going to play out through December and maybe into January. I'm TRYING not to complain, I am employed after all.

Blood, tested, went down 0.3. Still in the danger zone, but better. I'm eating lots of veggies to see if I can't get it down.

The Director should be coming into town tonight if she and her HOTTIE husband make the flight. I can say that, he's hot, everyone knows it. I'm way excited to see her. They have other people that they are going to see, but they'll be staying at the Hotel McCann so I'll get to see them every day! I'm even going to make them pancakes...jealous? Well, get on a damn flight! :)

Back to work...maybe I can get out of here before their flight lands.

Just a fun pic for y'all. Note the FAT left leg...yeah, sexy baby.


YZB said...

That leg ran 5 miles in under 60 mins - that's pretty damn sexy if you ask me!

YZB said...

PS - TOTALLY jealous of your running partner.

The Sports Mama said...

I'm with YZB on this one.... with that accomplishment, that leg can look any damn way it wants to. :)

And its nice to know that Hotel McCann has breakfast service. When we go scouting for colleges, that will be an amenity we look for in lodgings. :)

fattygetsfit said...

i like pancakes
chocolate chip ones
losing weight would be better if it was as easy as gaining was

schmitball13 said...

Umm - yeah I agree - that leg took you five miles - be proud of it! Now - I since I am in town - do I have to spend the night for pancakes? LOL