Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today I woke up and took Fifi out on her leash to go to potty. It was 40 degrees out, I can't complain, it's not Colorado cold. Then we came back in and watched tv in bed. We've all been confined to the bedroom during her recovery, trying to make it easier on her. (Although, I have to admit that being in the same room for hours and hours on end becomes quite depressing.) Exactly an hour later she was wanting her food...she loves her kibble. So Trainer got up, made the coffee and brought in their food. Then we went back to bed, watching tv and being lazy. It was awesome.

I eventually got out of bed and looked at my inventory for the "big dinner" and discovered that I didn't have my turkey bags! For the past 5 of 6 years I have always used one and the turkey turns out really I ended up having to go to the store. While I was there I was happy, not too crowded since everyone who is prepared doesn't need to go to the store. I picked up extra stuff of course and even stopped at the adjoining Starbuck's on my way out to get Trainer and I cappuccinos. Lately I have been filled with happiness, a feeling of contentment, like there is something inside of me that comes out in my smile. Even after I made it to the car and emptied the entire contents of one of the cappuccinos into my center console I was still happy. Still bursting with good feelings. I thought, "Well, at least it wasn't a latte!"

I love to read, I think we've covered that before. About a month ago I finished one of the most impactful books (personally) in my life thus far. Eat, Love, Pray is the name of the book, by Elizabeth Gilbert. I don't usually push books, unless we're talking about the Harry Potter series (love it!!), so it was surprising to me that I talk about this book so openly and literally want everyone to read it. It changed my life, or at least how I was living it. Now, it is not a 'self-help' book. It is a memoir of the author's spiritual journey. The funny thing is that I looked at this book before and had never picked it up, I looked at the back and decided that I wouldn't like it. My friend The Saint gave it to me for my birthday and I took it with me to Mexico.

I was already in the middle of a book when I went to Mexico so I didn't read it on the plane. Towards the end of the trip I decided, 'What the heck' and started reading it. It's not a book about religion or a book about relationships...well, kind of about relationships, but concentrates on the relationship with oneself. One day I was laying out reading it and this random woman, who was probably in her late 50s, early 60s stopped in front of my chair and said, "Oh, I love that book. Such a good book. I even took notes!" I had just started it and was thinking, 'riiight...okay lady' but quickly discovered what a gem this book is.

I can't describe exactly what this book did for me, but it helped me deal with some issues...the lingering issues that no matter how much I said I was over I wasn't. This book helped me find a way, not to get 'over it' but to move on from it, to get beyond and heal completely. Again, the book doesn't tell you 'how' to move beyond, but it tells a story of a woman who has gone there and makes you believe that you can as well. I LOVE this book. I recommend it to complete strangers, to my doctor, I blurt it out all of the time. Maybe I didn't pick it up when it came out because I wasn't ready for it, wasn't ready to be open. Now, like today and everyday, I am filled with this feeling of elation and general happiness, filled with love. And yes, I know how cheesy that sounds.

Enough of my ranting on that subject. I made a good dinner consisting of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing (both in and out of the turkey), canned cranberry sauce, and rolls. Oh, and we must not forget our turkey day tradition of the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was a little sad as we always have people over, but in some ways it was nice. We let Fifi out of the room all day to be with us and she did okay. She's starting to lick her wound so we may have to put her in the E-collar. Yikes. Now I'm drinking my glass of wine, watching football and loving my life.

Happy Thanksgiving (again) everyone. I am thankful that I have all of you in the blog world whose words and comments mean so much more than you can imagine. Peace.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Holy crap. Who knew that it was going to be this difficult? The doctor sent us home with a list of rules and so far I'm not doing that great with them!

1. She is supposed to be confined to a small area so she's not up wandering the house. Okay, well we tried to get her to stay in the front room and she wasn't having any of it, knocked down the baby gates, freaked out her brother and proceeded to walk around, or hobble.

2. She is supposed to be separated from her brother. This is so he doesn't lick her wounds, but he's really not that kind of dog. He really could care less about her staples and really just wants to know why we keep yelling at him every time he goes near her. See above, baby girl busted herself out of "jail"...not successful.

3. She is supposed to be wearing an E-Collar, the ones that make your dog look like they stuck their head through an old fashioned record player. Well, she was miserable, kept running into things and was too out of it to figure out how to maneuver. ie; she was trying to walk by the TV, her collar got stuck on the fireplace, and she just stood there....trying to move forward. SO, I took it off. I couldn't handle it, now I'm just watching her like a hawk to make sure SHE doesn't lick or bite her wounds.

4. She is only allowed to go outside on a leash to potty three times a day.'s 10am and she's already been out twice. Once to tinkle and once to poo. To say that she is not happy with being on a leash to potty is an understatement. I'm sure she is thinking, "really, a leash in my own backyard??"

5. She is just supposed to lay there, not moving, just resting. Okay, have you ever tried to get a 102lb dog (side note - YEAH, she lost 16lbs in two months before her surgery!!) to just be still when they don't want to? I finally gave up, let her roam where she wanted until she exhausted herself enough to take a nice long nap. (I also gave her a pain med to help the process along.)

When I took the pups out to potty (mind you Fido is confined to the house as well since I can't leave the dog door open) Fido wanted to play. It looked like he was going to pounce on her. You know...when they put their upper half on the ground and their butts are shaking in the air, ready to play?? Yeah, poor thing was very sad that he got yelled at...again...for doing what comes naturally to him as a dog. Ugh, it is exhausting!!! AND I hate it when she is moaning (really, she was moaning) and whimpering and I have no idea what hurts or what to sucks.

Not that it is the same as having a kid who can't talk, but feels similar. The best part? She has 2 weeks of NO movement and then an additional 6 weeks of minimal movement. 8 weeks before we can begin to rehab her leg. 8 weeks.

And then we get to do it again on the right leg.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Girl

She's doing fine, the Dr. said that the surgery went great. Her tendon was holding on by a strand, so just in time. Thank you all for the well wishes and good thoughts. Now on to recovery. She'll be spending the night in the hospital and coming home tomorrow am. Yippee!!

Baby Girl

Well, the baby girl is in the animal hospital, we took her in, met the new surgeon and he took her back to the back. Her surgery will probably be around 2-3 today, so we'll hear after that. Now I just have to not think about it all day. I'm going to bring Fido in to work this afternoon. He's already clingy after we got back without Fifi. I believe in good energy so please think of my baby and send good thoughts.

I know some people say "Jeez, it's just a dog" but when it's all you have, as little children will never reside in this household, those four footed furry babies ARE the kids. MY babies, and I spoil them and worry about them. So, good thoughts...please send. Thanks.

The pups at 5 months, who can resist??

Friday, November 13, 2009

Retail Therapy

I believe in it, I do it, I love it. I can't afford it, but that's just a detail. Some days when I'm really down I'll just go into a store and feel the clothes or play with the gadgets. Even that helps. I haven't had to do it lately...thank goodness. Although I still love a day of shopping, even if it's window. I have a feeling that next Thursday, the 19th, I'm going to need some therapy.

My baby girl, Fifi, is having surgery to repair the tendon in her knee. I will drop her off on Thursday morning after I meet the new surgeon and she will be staying overnight at the hospital. So very sad...I don't think Fido has spent a night without her since they were 4 weeks old. I may have to bring him into work with me...for both of us. *sigh* They are the babies....

In other news...I am feeling better about my triathlon decisions for next year. Like I said, I just had to make the choice and move on. In some ways I thought I was letting someone down, which is again ridiculous, as the only person that I can let down is myself. Now I just have to decide if I will do the Olympic in March and April, March and May or April and May...more decisions.

My office mate has today and Monday off, and it's making my day really, really long, even though I'm slammed busy...which is perhaps why I'm goofing off a little and writing this "nothing" blog. :) Yep, I practice avoidance...I'm pretty close to mastering it!

This weekend I'll be in San Antonio cheering on Trainer as he attempts his PR 1/2 marathon time. I'm very excited. The only thing I'm nervous about is navigating the course so I can see him a couple of times and offer my support in the only way I can....yell like crazy and make him push it to the limit! Okay, I suppose I'll wrap this up and get back to work. Maybe I can even scoot out of here right at 5...we'll see.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sleepless morning...

I woke up with a start at 3:50am. 'What the heck is going on??' is what I was thinking when I heard the sounds of paws and nails scurrying across our tile floor, across the house to the doggy door. Dear Lord...why do opossums have to come out twice a year? Why must they cross through our yard on the top of the fence, keeping my little buddy up ALL night long just staring out the window...waiting. Waiting to jump up on the fence and snag one down by the tail. (When Fido stands up he's just under six feet.) After snagging it he shakes it from side to side while Trainer and I are frantically putting on clothes and shoes trying to get out there before something really bad happens. As always our 'little buddy' stands guard over his catch and pretends like he can't hear or see us. Almost like a three year old....'if I pretend maybe they'll just go away!'

No such luck for our little bud. I blocked him from the opossum and Trainer was ready with the leash. We got him inside and closed the dog door. I went out this morning and the critter was gone, I didn't even have to chuck it over the fence. (Thank goodness because it's really, really, really gross.) I couldn't go back to sleep and of course Fido will sleep all day...

I've been cleared to exercise on the elliptical, maybe I'll go home at lunch and grab my gym bag, get in a workout before Trainer comes home tonight. OR maybe I'll go back to Sephora and buy that makeup kit that I've been adoring since Saturday...hmmm....choices.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


That is how I'm feeling today. I'm fighting a sore throat/cold thing that my officemate's daughter keeps bringing into the office (irritating!!!) and I'm fighting my internal dilemma, you know...the usual what's "right and responsible" vs "what I want."

I just got back from a 30 min sucky bike ride. I haven't been on my bike in almost a month. How those muscles do forget....yeah, it sucks. I'm feeling super flabby, not helped by the illin' feelin'. I'm out of the boot, however this week I'm still not supposed to do much. I swam once, then was sick so decided it best not to push it, and then today I rode. I'm balancing on that edge of falling out of shape. I hate this place. I start craving crappy food and I start overeating. Luckily I've caught myself within days of the pattern developing. Eating because I'm bored and can't stupid is that? But I know it's common (doesn't excuse it) and at least I am stopping the madness today.

So, besides feeling crappy I have this dilemma that I mentioned. I know the right answer, I know what I should do and then I should just STOP and relax as the real decision has already been made. My T3 (triathlon group) Coach and I sat down on Monday after practice and discussed my triathlon goals for the next season. I'm going to start the whole program in January (right now I'm just participating in the coached swim session.) That means that 6-7 days a week I will be in coached training session trying to improve my performance in the sport of triathlon. My idea was to do the Texas Tri-Series which is a 5 race series that starts in May (I think) and ends with a 70.3 (Half Ironman) in October. Here were his suggestions:

1. The Champions race in March (Olympic distance)
2. Either the Lonestar (Oly) or Cap Tex Tri (also Oly)
3. Do a half marathon after that
4. THEN do the Vineman 70.3 in July

I was super excited and nervous of course because I'm basically starting from scratch again (with the exception of swimming.) Well, the Vineman 70.3 is in Sonoma County, CA, it goes around four vineyards and is supposed to be an awesome event. Everyone that I mentioned it to said, "Oh, you'll love that race! Such a great course and you'll have a good time." I was pretty pumped. Then I looked it up and the race entry is $$, which I knew b/c all the 1/2 ironmans are the same price. Then I looked up bike transport and it is $$. Then I looked up hotels and B&Bs in the area...yep...$$. Add in airfare for both Trainer and I (I would HAVE to have him there, no question) and food...well, we're looking at over a grand. We could have possibly made it into a vacation...where I raced and was tired and spent most of our money before we got to the vacation part. Trainer and I talked about it and he said, "If you want to do it, then do it." But, I got the vibe that he wasn't really for it (or against it), and not as pumped as I was. Of course he would be spectating and not racing and that does make a difference.

Then I started having anxiety ridden dreams about the race. (Bad sign when I haven't even signed up yet.) And I started thinking about what else we could do with that getting me a new bike, or painting the house, or a new TV (ours is about done), or...or...or...and the list goes on. Could I really be that selfish and do this race and spend that much money knowing that we have all these other things on the 'list'? Could I put myself above all of that??? The answer, as we all know (well, if you know me), is no. So, I'm going back to Coach and telling him that I'll have to stay in-state this year and maybe next year I can do something out of state. We can save up for it, plan for it. You know, I really hate being responsible and not having unlimited resources.

I always wanted to race out of state, both of us. Maybe this next year we can have Trainer do an out of state 1/2 marathon and next year I can do an out of state triathlon. Maybe...we'll see. Well, time to shower up and get ready for my massage. Then off to take YZB out for her b-day lunch/shopping trip/beer. :) That'll make me feel will.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was going to do a day by day recap, but that would have made this post like three pages long and I'm sure your coffee breaks aren't that long. (Or my stories that interesting!) SO, I'm going to try my hand at picture blogging. Let's see if I can make this work.
The pups were very sad before we left. In fact Fido (not pictured) spent the night with his paw on our suitcase.Our flight was a little delayed getting in, but nothing too severe, everyone arrived eventually and by 7 we were eating dinner at the resort.
The next day we went into town, which has changed SO much in the 10 years since we've been gone. They have a Costco, a Home Depot...and yes people...a WalMart. We ate lunch in town and had those fabulous fish and shrimp tacos that I had been craving and yes Corona must be consumed while eating these tacos:
Tuesday night we had a nice dinner at the resort, celebrating MIL's husband's birthday, and then we went to sleep as we were exhausted. Wednesday we just hung out at the resort pool, had some lunch and beers.

Then that night we had dinner on-site, nothing spectacular. Thursday we spent another day by the pool (trying to get rid of my practice swimsuit lines) and then that night we went to dinner at the place where we were married 10 years prior. The restaurant had changed hands and was very different, but the view was just as beautiful. Two pics, the first a full look at the sexy sunset colored dress that YZB helped me pick out and the second of the view:

That was our "date night" since we were literally surrounded by parents. And I'm not parents and grandma stayed Yeah. Nice. So Friday was the ceremony and it was also the day that we learned that a hurricane was headed our way and was supposed to be there by Monday. Trainer's mom and her husband didn't want to get stuck there so they were frantically trying to get a hold of the airline and get the heck out of there early. My parents were like "eh, let's see what happens" and we were just like, "seriously??" so this is what we did:

Until it was time to do this:

And then this:

And then we went to the restaurant and had dinner and cake:

Rockin cake!

And then Saturday through Monday we chilled at the resort. We had a great time, not really relaxing. In fact as we were waiting for the shuttle in Austin, the one that takes you to your car, we both sighed at the same time, hugged and then said, "I think this is the most relaxed I've been this entire trip!" Trainer agreed. We got home to new tile and a bit of a mess from the tile. So we spent two hours cleaning house when we got home. The tile does look good though. And the next morning I got to pick up these furry babies (can you see the smiles?):

To celebrate 10 years was awesome. I would climb every hill over again (well almost every hill) if I knew that I would end up here in this place, happy with my husband, life and most important...happy with myself.