Friday, November 13, 2009

Retail Therapy

I believe in it, I do it, I love it. I can't afford it, but that's just a detail. Some days when I'm really down I'll just go into a store and feel the clothes or play with the gadgets. Even that helps. I haven't had to do it lately...thank goodness. Although I still love a day of shopping, even if it's window. I have a feeling that next Thursday, the 19th, I'm going to need some therapy.

My baby girl, Fifi, is having surgery to repair the tendon in her knee. I will drop her off on Thursday morning after I meet the new surgeon and she will be staying overnight at the hospital. So very sad...I don't think Fido has spent a night without her since they were 4 weeks old. I may have to bring him into work with me...for both of us. *sigh* They are the babies....

In other news...I am feeling better about my triathlon decisions for next year. Like I said, I just had to make the choice and move on. In some ways I thought I was letting someone down, which is again ridiculous, as the only person that I can let down is myself. Now I just have to decide if I will do the Olympic in March and April, March and May or April and May...more decisions.

My office mate has today and Monday off, and it's making my day really, really long, even though I'm slammed busy...which is perhaps why I'm goofing off a little and writing this "nothing" blog. :) Yep, I practice avoidance...I'm pretty close to mastering it!

This weekend I'll be in San Antonio cheering on Trainer as he attempts his PR 1/2 marathon time. I'm very excited. The only thing I'm nervous about is navigating the course so I can see him a couple of times and offer my support in the only way I can....yell like crazy and make him push it to the limit! Okay, I suppose I'll wrap this up and get back to work. Maybe I can even scoot out of here right at 5...we'll see.


T said...

blogging at work and retail therapy are what get me through the days :)

(okay, and I'll admit to a little facebook at work as well!)

totegirl said...

Did you get the makeup kit? I love retail therapy too! I spent way too much money on ebay yesterday. Bad totegirl. But I needed it!

Heidi said...

How on earth did Fifi hurt a tendon in her knee? Yikes! I hate surgery in any form. It's so painful.
I love your shopping therapy. I'm afraid that the recession is hitting my area late, like as in just now. So I'm afraid that I'll be doing a lot of Christmas Window Shopping. My poor kids will just have to do the same. :(
I'm excited to see that you've decided to still run a triathalon next year. I can't wait to see which one you choose to do. Keep us updated!
Thanks for visiting my Ruby Tuesday yesterday. And yes it was a frozen pizza.
Good luck to Trainer in his 1.2 marathon!