Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Girl

Well, the baby girl is in the animal hospital, we took her in, met the new surgeon and he took her back to the back. Her surgery will probably be around 2-3 today, so we'll hear after that. Now I just have to not think about it all day. I'm going to bring Fido in to work this afternoon. He's already clingy after we got back without Fifi. I believe in good energy so please think of my baby and send good thoughts.

I know some people say "Jeez, it's just a dog" but when it's all you have, as little children will never reside in this household, those four footed furry babies ARE the kids. MY babies, and I spoil them and worry about them. So, good thoughts...please send. Thanks.

The pups at 5 months, who can resist??

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