Sunday, November 1, 2009


I was going to do a day by day recap, but that would have made this post like three pages long and I'm sure your coffee breaks aren't that long. (Or my stories that interesting!) SO, I'm going to try my hand at picture blogging. Let's see if I can make this work.
The pups were very sad before we left. In fact Fido (not pictured) spent the night with his paw on our suitcase.Our flight was a little delayed getting in, but nothing too severe, everyone arrived eventually and by 7 we were eating dinner at the resort.
The next day we went into town, which has changed SO much in the 10 years since we've been gone. They have a Costco, a Home Depot...and yes people...a WalMart. We ate lunch in town and had those fabulous fish and shrimp tacos that I had been craving and yes Corona must be consumed while eating these tacos:
Tuesday night we had a nice dinner at the resort, celebrating MIL's husband's birthday, and then we went to sleep as we were exhausted. Wednesday we just hung out at the resort pool, had some lunch and beers.

Then that night we had dinner on-site, nothing spectacular. Thursday we spent another day by the pool (trying to get rid of my practice swimsuit lines) and then that night we went to dinner at the place where we were married 10 years prior. The restaurant had changed hands and was very different, but the view was just as beautiful. Two pics, the first a full look at the sexy sunset colored dress that YZB helped me pick out and the second of the view:

That was our "date night" since we were literally surrounded by parents. And I'm not parents and grandma stayed Yeah. Nice. So Friday was the ceremony and it was also the day that we learned that a hurricane was headed our way and was supposed to be there by Monday. Trainer's mom and her husband didn't want to get stuck there so they were frantically trying to get a hold of the airline and get the heck out of there early. My parents were like "eh, let's see what happens" and we were just like, "seriously??" so this is what we did:

Until it was time to do this:

And then this:

And then we went to the restaurant and had dinner and cake:

Rockin cake!

And then Saturday through Monday we chilled at the resort. We had a great time, not really relaxing. In fact as we were waiting for the shuttle in Austin, the one that takes you to your car, we both sighed at the same time, hugged and then said, "I think this is the most relaxed I've been this entire trip!" Trainer agreed. We got home to new tile and a bit of a mess from the tile. So we spent two hours cleaning house when we got home. The tile does look good though. And the next morning I got to pick up these furry babies (can you see the smiles?):

To celebrate 10 years was awesome. I would climb every hill over again (well almost every hill) if I knew that I would end up here in this place, happy with my husband, life and most important...happy with myself.


totegirl said...

Oh god, I am bawling over here. I'm so happy for you guys. You two look radiant in all your pics! Thanks so much for sharing!

The Sports Mama said...

AWESOME first attepmt at photo-blogging! LOVED it!

You were beautiful, T was handsome... and you both look so fantastic together. I am so happy for you...and so proud of you both for getting over those hills.