Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a slacker...I know, I know

However my vacation post will have to wait one more day. Let's just say that vacationing with your parents should be followed by a another vacation. :) Here are some highlights since we've been back:

-Work is annoyingly busy.

-Fifi the pup lost 7 pounds and needs to lose another 7 in the next month before surgery.

-I'm down to 155lbs, no idea how this happened, but I'll take it!

-I've been paranoid for no reason these past two weeks...ask Trainer, he's so not loving it.

-I swam for the first time in three weeks yesterday, I suck again (okay, not really, but I'm back to being slow!)

-I have one more week in the boot and then I start PT! Very exciting news.

-Did I mention that work is annoying?

That's it for now kids. I'll give a blow by blow, or at least the highlights of vacation soon. Here's a pic for y'all:


YZB said...

Yeah, you sucked so hard at swimming that your coach said you were "perfect". Whateves, dude. Go eat an eggplant.

Why so paranoid?

totegirl said...

Y'all look like Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous!!! You look beautiful and radiant! I'm glad you're back to blogging. Can't wait for more deets.

Sorry you're paranoid! Stop that! Or maybe smoke some weed. What? It could be like reverse psychology or something... Yeah, don't listen to me! But I do hope you start feeling better and more comfortable.