Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kind of gross...

My mother would be appalled...the things that I have learned. If you're a regular reader you might be thinking, 'Dear Lord, what is she going to talk about NOW?' It's nothing like what you might be thinking. The gross things that I am talking about have to do with everything that our mom's taught us NOT to do as little girls. All of those 'rules' kind of went out the window as soon as I started doing endurance events.

My running partners and I talk about our bowel movements, you kind of have to when your stomach starts cramping in the middle of a 10 mile run and you have to make a pit stop at the nearest convenience store, or coffee shop where you almost back up the toilet. (That was embarrassing!)

When I run sometimes I'm gassy and I just let 'em go, now I really only do this when I'm running on my own...I wouldn't subject my running partners to that.

I spit, big hocking lugies (is that even a word??) to the side of the road. AND now I've learned this new to blow out your nose while riding the bike. Yep, gross, gross, gross...and I'm so proud of myself. I used to chastise Trainer for these things...especially the last one. However as I found myself out on a 30 mile ride with no tissues and a constant running nose, I finally tried his little trick and there was relief!

It really is gross though. There's no going back now though. I'm stuck being a gross girl.

Today I went on a 25 mile bike ride, in the morning, before it got really humid and the rain started. It was wonderful. I hit this turning point, not sure when, but 20 miles is now my short ride. Probably really bad for my foot, but good for my psyche. It's throbbing in my boot, but I'm still smiling.

Can you believe that next week I'll finally be on vacation, to renew my vows with Trainer? I've been talking about this for almost a year. I tried on my dress this morning, it looks really pretty I think. I'll need Yoga Zen Babe to come over and take another look just to make sure. I'll definitely need to sun bathe to get rid of my suit lines from swim practice. I know, I know...I'll wear sunscreen...the last thing I want is to burn!

Anyway, random babbling...must mean it's time to go watch the ASU Devils hopefully beat up the OSU Beavers. Our Alma Maters. Go Devils!


The Sports Mama said...

If you're having YZB come take a look at you in that dress... think you can have her take a pic or two, also? I'd love to see it!

I'm bummed I'm missing THIS ceremony, too. :( But so so so so happy for you guys!

Kathy said...

Don't eat any crab this time :) (I think that was it.. Lobster? No crab!) I am so sad that I can't go. I want to so bad, but with James it's nearly impossible! Have a great time!!! Love ya Babe!

totegirl said...

Um...very gross. But very necessary. I haven't gotten to that point, but I've been really close! Austin sucks for allergies, so what are you going to do?

I wish I could go to Mexico and partake of your festivities! I'm so super excited for you! Can't wait to see pics!!!