Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Tri Pics - Just a few

Decker Lake at 6:30am, 83 degrees and humid, me and MWG

Transition from the Swim to the Bike, barefoot to the transition area

Me in the transition area, gearing up for the bike portion
Me starting the run portion
Me and MWG after the finish!!! We did it!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Tri Results

Here are my tri results, not stellar, but not too bad for my first.

Distance Sprint
Chip Time 1:50:07
Overall Place 709 / 910
Gender Place 305 / 424
Division Place 63 / 84

Swim 800M Time
Swim 800M Pace
T1 Time
Bike11 2Mi Time
Bike11 2Mi Pace
T2 Time
Run 3 1Mi Time
Run 3 1Mi Pace

I'll write more about the entire experience later, right now I'm pretty tired. I'm fed and now I'm a little sleepy. I survived. Yeah.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The rest day

I am not doing well with this concept today. Tomorrow is the big day, my first triathlon. And I don't feel prepared, although I know it's all in my head. Every time I say 'triathlon' (or even write it) I get flutters in my stomach. So today I'm supposed to take it easy and let my muscles recoup/relax.

Tomorrow will go something like this:

-Wake up at the crack of dawn (well, actually before that)
-Drink coffee, eat oatmeal, hope for good "results" in the bathroom (sorry - tmi)
-Quick shower to truly wake up, stretch, don my chosen tri-outfit
-Load up the bike, check for all my things (water, gels etc.)
-Have Trainer drive me to the race location

From here I have no idea as this is my first tri. Now, I've done several duathlons in the past and Trainer seems to think that it will be similar and that I shouldn't be worried, but I am...and I don't think it's the same. There aren't people kicking and hitting you in water when you do the du. (Haha, that's funny...do the du...ahhh...I digress.)

The race starts at 8am, with my "age group" starting at 8:05am. We know that I'm not a strong swimmer so I figure at least 30 min for the 800 meters. I have issues with transition so that will be at least 2 min and then I'll have to kick ass on the cycle portion to make up some ground. Lucky for me most people really don't spend a lot of time on their bikes b/c they think it's the easy part and therefore do not train. I train hard on the bike b/c I like it, so I should be able to gain some ground as well as recover for the run. It's something like 11.2 or 11.8 miles, I can't remember, but enough time to get my engine going, probably about 40-45 min. The transition from bike to run is one of the hardest, I know, I've done it. Your legs feel like jello and it takes several minutes to get going. The run is 3.1 miles and I'm figuring on a 12 min mile, gets me to 36 min on the run. So, overall I'm going for a time under 2 hours. In the heat. Yikes.

Well, I'll leave you with a happy picture from the cruise, well...maybe a couple. They are entertaining! I'm the short one, short hair...Legs is the tall skinny one...bitch. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Respect your body

Women have heard this phrase from the time of our first sex-ed class in the 5th grade. The phrase has been used in reference to many different things - Sex ('respect your body and save yourself for the right person'), food ('repsect yourself and eat sensibly'), exercise ('respect yourself and move your body')...and I'm going to speak about the latter.

In a post from last week I mentioned limits and on my ride/run training session yesterday I was really thinking about this topic. Respect for ourselves, for our bodies. Often time I find myself talking with my girlfriends and each of us has a gripe about our imperfect forms. How we would love somebody else's arms, abs, back, legs etc. We talk about our struggles with weight loss, no matter where we're at or how much we've lost thus far. We go on, self-loathing, over a bottle of wine accompanied by rich cheese and crackers.

And yet, we rarely give our bodies credit for what they actually DO. My arms may not be perfect, but they were perfect enough to comfort a friend through losing a baby. My shoulders were strong enough to catch the tears of my friends, whether they were tears of happiness or despair. My back was strong enough to help move friends from place to place. My legs were strong enough to walk a marathon, to run two half marathons, ride for 160 miles in a weekend and kept me standing when all I wanted to do was collapse.

I was thinking about all of this on my 20 mile bike ride yesterday and continued to think about it during the 44 min run that I had to do after the ride. Now, here is the other part of respecting your body. You have to respect it enough to listen to it. To know when you've depleted all it's resources and to know when to stop. Yesterday on my way out the door I wasn't feeling well. It was 100 degrees outside and I didn't have anything but water on my ride. I was only out for 65-70 minutes, but I knew I had to come back and do this run. Turning left at the end of my driveway I started to run, and had to stop after 30 seconds. I walked back to my driveway thinking that maybe I should go inside and finish my workout that night. But no...I know myself all too well and if I had gone inside I wouldn't have gone out that night. So I turned the opposite way figuring that 2.6 mile was better than none and I would get in 29-30 minutes.

I started down the block, tick-tock, tick-tock. Looking at my watch every 10 seconds to see how far I'd gone. I had to walk after one minute and 47 seconds. Okay, okay...no problem, I'll just do a run walk 2/1 split until I finish. Sure...I started and had to walk again in one minute. I would walk for no longer than 30 seconds. I made it a mile, up the long hill by my house and ran all the way down the hill, probably another three tenths of a mile. There was flat road ahead, no hills....but very little shade. And then on the turn up the next hill I had to walk again. I was still only walking for 30 seconds at a time...then I started getting the chills.

I ran across the street where there was a bit of shade here and there, anything was better than nothing. I wanted to run, I tried, but my body was refusing. My mind didn't want to stop and I tried to run again, almost to the park by my house...almost home...and I almost puked. Standing under a tree with my hands on my hips, less than a quarter mile from my house and all I wanted to do was lay down on my side in the shade. But I kept moving, knowing that I had to make it home, which I did and even jogged the last part, only because I knew it would get me out of the sun faster than walking. Fumbling for my key I was gasping for air, I had no water with me and all I wanted to do was collapse to the floor. Finally I got the door open and I threw all of my stuff on the counter - shirt, iPod, visor, sunglasses, took of my medical bracelet and threw it. Then I stumbled to the carpet and fell to my hands and knees, sitting there in child's pose trying to get air, all the while sweat was pouring off of my body.

I didn't listen to my body. I didn't prepare it enough. I didn't respect it enough to stop.

The point to my blog is that we should respect all aspects of our body. Love it, fuel it, push it and most importantly listen to it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Hoe! (a day later)

In 1978,
when I was only four,
I made it around the block
to knock on your door.

"Do you have any girls?"
I asked your mother,
One girl stepped aside
so I could see the other.

This 'other' girl was my age,
as far as I could tell,
She wasn't shy by any means
and that would serve her well.

We became friends that day,
never looking back,
Through good and bad, thick and thin,
that was our pact.

Our siblings were mean,
our parents were strict,
But together we'd make it,
from barbies to girls scouts to di... (Oh, how inappropriate!)

She has always been fabulous,
reaching for the stars,
I never doubted her making it,
going oh so far.

She is not my sibling,
but she is my sister.

Always and forever, through thick and thin, I will be by your side.

I love you Hoe! Happy Birthday!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Training Update II

Well...after the cruise let's just say that it was hard to get into the swing of things. Yes, I did my ride the day after I got back, then had to take Wednesday and Thursday off. I swam on Friday and did doubles on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was actually a lesson for me. A lesson of limits. I made plans to meet Yoga Zen Babe down at Brushy Creek for a run and kayak, but decided to ride there and back since I needed to get my cycling in for the day. So I took off at 8:30ish rode to Brushy Creek, which is about 9 miles from my house, short ride really. I met YZB, locked up my bike and ran for 15 minutes, that's all I had to do for the day, then we rented our kayaks and went out for an hour. Now, something really cool happened that day. I was actually comfortable enough with my body (or hot enough) that I kayaked in my shorts and sports bra, that's right folks, shirtless! It was super hot out and humid, gotta love the Texas summers. The kayaking felt really challenging, more so than usual. The water was lower and maybe the current stronger, whatever it was I was tired when I got back on my bike to ride the 9 miles home. My ride on the way back started on an uphill, lovely. But I ride this road several times a week and know what is coming and how to prepare for it.

I was drinking my water like I should, I had my Hammer Gel like I should have, but I was just tired. I've said this before, but you have to be super alert when you're riding, especially on a busy road where the speed limit is 60mph. I made it home and decided to ride up on my lawn, less distance to carry my bike once I got off (that was my thought process). So I clipped out of my right side no problem, but when I tried to clip out of the left side my foot wouldn't budge, I knew it before it happened and I fell over. Just tipped on over. The bad part? Well, my left foot was still clipped in and I fell on a hill (lucky for me it was in grass) so the bike came down hard on my left leg, I think it was the seat that actually hit my leg. Now I have these beautiful badges to show:
Last Sunday:

And today:

Pretty huh? The good news is that it is superficial and I didn't have to have a Doppler (this is the clot leg, nice touch). The bad news is that it's going to take FOREVER to go away since my body's circulation system sucks ass and doesn't absorb the blood as fast as I'd like.

I signed up for a swim clinic as well, since my swimming is less than stellar. That is kickin my booty this week. Nothing else to really report. But if I think of something you know I'll be posting! Have a great LONG weekend everyone! Tomorrow...a trip down memory lane to honor my BFF Hoe.

Ah yes...the cruise!

Finally. Yes, I'm finally sitting down to relive and write about the cruise. It was awesome of course, how could it not be? Best friend, ocean, books, booze...fabulous!

Thursday was the only day that I really overate, and that was when Legs took me to lunch in Galveston BEFORE we got on the boat. We had a grand 'ol time getting lost in the city of Galveston thanks to me not knowing the area and being fascinated with her iPhone. But, we made it to the restaurant where I indulged in a tiger shrimp Asiago Alfredo over angel hair, scalloped potatoes and a piece (very generous piece) of pecan pie. It was delish. After that feast we headed to the ship terminal where we had to drop off our luggage, park and and then get on the ship! We were one of the last people to get there which actually was nice! The line moved quickly as most people were already on the boat. And bonus...we took a great boarding shot getting on to the boat!

We stood at the front of the ship (I'm not up with my boating terminology) until we got out of the bay and into the gulf. We kept waiting for the boat to go faster, but we never felt it happen. We explored the boat, got our first drink and then got ready for dinner. First we decided to get a picture taken and the dude must have thought that we were "together" because the poses were very intimate for two girlfriends. (Needless to say, we didn't purchase the pics.) Now, on a ship you have two seatings and if you don't have a big party you get to sit with other people. Our table was the two of us, this Indian couple that were to be married in December and this couple from Arkansas that were getting a divorce. Hmmm...interesting. Legs and I kept trying to make conversation but really ended up talking to ourselves. We drank a little that night and stopped by this piano bar on the ship, very cool. But we turned in early since we were both exhausted from the day of travel.

Friday was a water drinking day for me, and we got out early and sunned and read and did that over and over again. And because we're LAME we were up at 6:29am. We did beat the crowd to breakfast (on the back of the ship looking at the wake) where we had pastries, fruit and coffee. Spa appointments were at 8am, pool deck by 10am! The formal dinner was that evening, we skipped the pictures this time. My dress was too low for any weird pictures. I dined on Lobster and shrimp and had the chocolate molten cake, which I only had half. Yeah me. We were going to try and stay up for the comedy show at 11pm, but found out that it was starting at 12am and we were tried so we went back to our room and read. Haha, I know, we're lame and old and we're very okay with that!!

Saturday was the day. Yep, the day of silliness, the day where we pretend that we're 18 again, the day that we went to Cozumel. We waited for everyone to get off the boat and run off to their excursions. We just wanted 2 things in Cozumel - 1. Guacamole with the thick Mexican chips and 2. A great margarita. We finally found both at Pancho's, which was in the port plaza and had live music on the patio where we sat. The margarita was the fishbowl kind and they don't skimp on the Te-kill-ya. After our little lunch we headed back through the plaza and stopped at some shops to get some souvenirs for Legs' boys. I got to use my Mexican bartering skills (born with them...yep!) and we documented ourselves getting back on to the boat since the last time we went on a cruise we couldn't remember getting back on. Hmmm... Anyway, we were back on the boat before most people and found a spot by the adult pool with margs in hand. We met some ladies in the pool (they were sisters) and chatted with them and every time the waiters came by we ordered another margarita. One an hour...every hour....there is a picture with our last margaritas (we think) and my hand with it open to five...so we believe that we consumed 5 margs, but we really don't know.

Other things we don't know....what we were talking about when I had a "I love you man" teary moment. I do believe it had something to do with if Legs passed on that I would of course take care of her kids, and other stuff that I really don't remember. HOW EMBARRASSING! But, whatever, I was drunk. We have no idea who took the most unflattering pictures of us (full body shot, not posed, post margs, bloated...etc.), no idea how long we were on the deck (although we do remember seeing the sunset and have pics), and most importantly...no idea how we got back to our room or at what time. :) I awoke in my bed, in my bikini bottoms and top with a tank top on, no cover up on the bottom. Looked over at Legs who was in her bed and I said, "What time is it?" She said, "Uh....midnight" as she went back to her book. I said, "What happened?" She said, "I don't know, but I took a shower...I think...my hair is clean. Oh, and I threw up." "Really??" I asked. "Yep." HAHA, so we ordered room service and ate grilled cheese sandwiches in bed at 1am.

Needless to say...Sunday was another water only day. We met up with the ladies who we were chatting with in the pool and they asked what happened to us (we were going to do bar trivia and have dinner) and told them that we had no idea. More reading, more sunning. I finished my incredibly sad, but wonderful, book and started on the next. We did make it the show, dinner and even the piano bar for our last night. AND we even stopped by the disco, which we quickly decided wasn't for us and retired at 1 or 2am!! Finally we made it past midnight out of our room! Oh, but funny thing, while in the piano bar we decided to have a glass of wine. It went down okay. However these girls on the other side of the bar decided to do a tequila shot and just looking at it turned our stomachs. So, one glass of wine was it for us!

Monday was craziness. The boat was late docking and I had a noon flight to catch. Originally we were supposed to get off the boat at 8:30am, but we ended up getting off the ship at 10:15am, we raced to the car and pulled out of the lot at 10:40 and by some miracle made it to Hobby airport at 11:15!!! Amazing. Legs has some skill behind the wheel and we had to go the speed limit the WHOLE time because the cops knew that the boat was late and that people would be speeding along the causeway. I got to the terminal, out of breath thinking that I would just make it and it turned out that they held the plane because the ship was late. Seriously? Oh well, I just read some more.

Overall it was a fantastic trip. I could have gone one more day on the boat and away from work, but I'll take what I can get and the time with my Legs was fabulous.

And no...I didn't exercise at all, unless you count going up and down the stairs. So now we're back on track and will lead to my next blog.