Saturday, July 11, 2009

The rest day

I am not doing well with this concept today. Tomorrow is the big day, my first triathlon. And I don't feel prepared, although I know it's all in my head. Every time I say 'triathlon' (or even write it) I get flutters in my stomach. So today I'm supposed to take it easy and let my muscles recoup/relax.

Tomorrow will go something like this:

-Wake up at the crack of dawn (well, actually before that)
-Drink coffee, eat oatmeal, hope for good "results" in the bathroom (sorry - tmi)
-Quick shower to truly wake up, stretch, don my chosen tri-outfit
-Load up the bike, check for all my things (water, gels etc.)
-Have Trainer drive me to the race location

From here I have no idea as this is my first tri. Now, I've done several duathlons in the past and Trainer seems to think that it will be similar and that I shouldn't be worried, but I am...and I don't think it's the same. There aren't people kicking and hitting you in water when you do the du. (Haha, that's the du...ahhh...I digress.)

The race starts at 8am, with my "age group" starting at 8:05am. We know that I'm not a strong swimmer so I figure at least 30 min for the 800 meters. I have issues with transition so that will be at least 2 min and then I'll have to kick ass on the cycle portion to make up some ground. Lucky for me most people really don't spend a lot of time on their bikes b/c they think it's the easy part and therefore do not train. I train hard on the bike b/c I like it, so I should be able to gain some ground as well as recover for the run. It's something like 11.2 or 11.8 miles, I can't remember, but enough time to get my engine going, probably about 40-45 min. The transition from bike to run is one of the hardest, I know, I've done it. Your legs feel like jello and it takes several minutes to get going. The run is 3.1 miles and I'm figuring on a 12 min mile, gets me to 36 min on the run. So, overall I'm going for a time under 2 hours. In the heat. Yikes.

Well, I'll leave you with a happy picture from the cruise, well...maybe a couple. They are entertaining! I'm the short one, short hair...Legs is the tall skinny one...bitch. :)

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