Friday, July 3, 2009

Training Update II

Well...after the cruise let's just say that it was hard to get into the swing of things. Yes, I did my ride the day after I got back, then had to take Wednesday and Thursday off. I swam on Friday and did doubles on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was actually a lesson for me. A lesson of limits. I made plans to meet Yoga Zen Babe down at Brushy Creek for a run and kayak, but decided to ride there and back since I needed to get my cycling in for the day. So I took off at 8:30ish rode to Brushy Creek, which is about 9 miles from my house, short ride really. I met YZB, locked up my bike and ran for 15 minutes, that's all I had to do for the day, then we rented our kayaks and went out for an hour. Now, something really cool happened that day. I was actually comfortable enough with my body (or hot enough) that I kayaked in my shorts and sports bra, that's right folks, shirtless! It was super hot out and humid, gotta love the Texas summers. The kayaking felt really challenging, more so than usual. The water was lower and maybe the current stronger, whatever it was I was tired when I got back on my bike to ride the 9 miles home. My ride on the way back started on an uphill, lovely. But I ride this road several times a week and know what is coming and how to prepare for it.

I was drinking my water like I should, I had my Hammer Gel like I should have, but I was just tired. I've said this before, but you have to be super alert when you're riding, especially on a busy road where the speed limit is 60mph. I made it home and decided to ride up on my lawn, less distance to carry my bike once I got off (that was my thought process). So I clipped out of my right side no problem, but when I tried to clip out of the left side my foot wouldn't budge, I knew it before it happened and I fell over. Just tipped on over. The bad part? Well, my left foot was still clipped in and I fell on a hill (lucky for me it was in grass) so the bike came down hard on my left leg, I think it was the seat that actually hit my leg. Now I have these beautiful badges to show:
Last Sunday:

And today:

Pretty huh? The good news is that it is superficial and I didn't have to have a Doppler (this is the clot leg, nice touch). The bad news is that it's going to take FOREVER to go away since my body's circulation system sucks ass and doesn't absorb the blood as fast as I'd like.

I signed up for a swim clinic as well, since my swimming is less than stellar. That is kickin my booty this week. Nothing else to really report. But if I think of something you know I'll be posting! Have a great LONG weekend everyone! Tomorrow...a trip down memory lane to honor my BFF Hoe.


totegirl said...

Damn, we have matching bruises! I'm sorry you fell, and I can't believe you did all this in the weather we've been having, but damn you are a fucking ROCKSTAR! And I've seen you. You could rock shorts and a sports bra, no prob. You're a hottie!

Good job lady!

The Sports Mama said...

Ack! Ok, so the first thing I saw before reading were those lovely bruises! And yes, I remembered they were the clotting leg. And so I worried. A LOT. (Thanks for that, btw)

Glad to hear that they're really nothing to worry me over. :)