Thursday, October 8, 2009

Of course this would happen!

Just four days away from my getting on a plane, with a walking cast/boot on, but still...on a plane to Mexico with my husband. Four days away from sitting by the pool, sunning, reading and listening to the rolling waves of the ocean. Four days away from standing in line for Sammy Hagar tickets at Cabo Wabo. Four days from eating shrimp tacos from a street vendor and shopping for trinkets to decorate the house. Four days from drinking Corona with lime on our balcony that overlooks the ocean and watching the sunset.

And what happens? I get sick. That's right. My throat is swollen, I have a headache and my back is starting to ache. I'm running a low grade fever, just 100.1 right now, but I usually run at 97.2. Yesterday I tried to convince myself that it was just allergies, that maybe I'd had a reaction to the squash that I ate Tuesday evening. When my appetite wasn't there (and it's never missing in action) and I didn't want coffee I knew. I knew that I was getting sick. But I worked all day, made my chiro appointment and finished what I could.

I went home last night and drank a cup of Theraflu, crawled into bed at 6 and woke up at 8 not knowing where I was. I had drooled all over the pillow. I got up and made dinner, we had breakfast for dinner and Trainer kept telling me to go back to bed, but I felt bad that I didn't have dinner ready when he arrived home. He brought me some Emergen-C and I drank two of those, more water and then finally some Calm, which puts you out. Of course I was up through the night having to go to the bathroom and this morning I feel a little better, but still like I can't swallow anything more than liquids.

Right now I'm trying to work from home and take care of as much as I can from here. Drinking my coffee so I don't get the caffeine headache on top of everything else. I feel so guilty about being sick because I'll be out all next week and my office-mate already has to cover me for that period of time. But, then again, she was the one who got me sick. It actually started with her daughter, who probably got it from school. They were sick last week...I thought I had missed the bullet...nope. Not that lucky I suppose.

The other thing that sucks??? I can't work out, I mean...I was limited before, but now I can't even swim! One - I have no energy, Two - I don't think I could breathe, and Three - I don't want to get the other athletes sick since they're all training for the Longhorn 70.3 that is coming up on October 25th. I guess since I can't really eat I won't gain weight? Is that my trade off??

Alright, enough of my pity party...I should get back to bed and rest. Drink more Emergen-C and Theraflu. Sheesh...just my luck.


The Sports Mama said...

First.... you still have days to feel better. And? You have an amazingly beautiful spot all picked out in which to recuperate.

So stop whining. :)

Kidding, kidding....

It really shouldn't last too long, and I'm sure you'll be feeling so much more yourself by the time you board that plane. JUST REST NOW!!

totegirl said...

Damn it. I am feeling the exact same way, minus the fever, but damn it all. You will feel better in 3 days though. That's the good news! Right? Right! Now take care of yourself because I want to see the radiant you in all the pics you post! And do keep us posted on how much better you are feeling. Because I need you to feel better STAT!