Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost....on vacation

I hate packing...LOVE vacation, but hate the stress that precedes the trip. Making all the arrangements for the pups, making sure everything at work is going to be okay, Dr's appts, waxing appts (VERY important), trying to get a workout or two in (yes, even when ill) and finally packing. I try to make lists, but then they are put to the wayside and I always end up forgetting something. Also, I take a crap load of clothes and usually end up in bathing suits for 90% of the trip. Oh well...

I'm thinking I need to go to Borders to get more books. I have two right now, although I do have a closet full of unread books upstairs that I should go through. We're trying not to spend money. Which means that I'll be giving myself a pedicure before the trip. $35 dollar savings. We are eating at home this weekend, spent $50 at the store for food plus airline food (Lara bars and such), but I figure it saved us at least $70 in lunch plus dinner expense.

While we're gone we are having our bathrooms re-tiled as well as the kitchen back splash. When I was cleaning on my "rest day" before the race I decided to do the bathrooms and ended up pushing in three or four of the tiles in the shower...I mean, we wanted to get it re-tiled eventually, just not at the same time as our Fifi's surgery. What else...oh yes, I had to spend over $300 on a new battery for the truck as it died on me at my Dr's office last week. I had let my AAA lapse and then of course I needed a tow. Cha-ching! So a one hundred dollar battery turned into a three hundred dollar battery. And then of course the expense of the renewal ceremony. Which if we knew that no one was going to be able to come (except for our parents) we wouldn't have spent so much money. BUT, it will be a nice deal and we'll have great pictures...right....really, it's going to be beautiful.

Bottom line - we are broke. Happy, but broke. Sad that all of my savings are gone and that I have to start re-building my emergency fund. Happy that we'll have newer looking bathrooms and a puppy that can stand on both of her back legs again and isn't in constant pain. That just means (for those that live here) that I'm not turning you down for HH or dinner because we're boring (although we can be) it's just that we really have no extra money. We will gladly entertain at our house and community dinners and drinks at a house always work. Don't worry Big Country (you know who you are) we are saving some for your b-day celebration.

Wow, sorry...when I started writing today I thought it would be all light and fluffy and funny. Ha, not so much huh? Well, I'm sure that I will have some great stories (that are bound to be funny) when I return from our vacation with Trainer, his mom and her husband, and my parents and grandma. Yeah, it has to be funny...or I'll be posting from a jail cell in Cabo San Lucas. Peace to y'all!

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The Sports Mama said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I think it would still be funny if you were posting from a jail cell in Cabo.

Actually, that'd be freakin' hilarious. :)

I sooo wish I could be there with you guys!! Congrats again... and give my love to all! (Ok, well, maybe just to Trainer and your parents. I don't know his family well enough to give love to them.... )