Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well...I jinxed myself. My foot issue turned out to be a little more serious than I thought. I partially tore and strained my peroneal tendons in my right foot. No running, no swimming unless I use a buoy and no cycling. I'm in a flippin boot for a minimum of 8 weeks, which means that I'll be bringing this sexy thing to Mexico with me. Isn't that grand? As if wearing old lady compression stockings on the plane wasn't enough. Fuh.

I had a really nice chat with my Hoe tonight. She's so funny...very talented, goofy, smart, sexy and sassy all rolled up in one beautiful person. I think she's feeling guilty because she's not going to the ceremony, although she didn't say that, but that was what she was trying to say. I can see through her like a Spring cleaned window. She truly is my sister. The past couple of days she's been thinking about me and getting all emotional (she's a Cancer, water, she can't help it) and I tell her that she's being silly. She finally read my blog and saw all of the things that I've been doing and going through, and was upset that she wasn't there for me.

But what she should know by now is that she's always there for me, she's in my head and in my heart. And I know that it's the same for her. Sadly for her she hears every sceptical word I might say before she makes a purchase and my tsk, tsking when she's being mean. She imagines my eye roll when someone makes a stupid comment and hears me snicker when she sees a goofy outfit. People tell her that she can't call me her best friend because we don't talk every day...I say eff those people, she can call me what ever she wants. I'm sad that she won't be with me for the ceremony, but I won't make her feel bad about it. (And believe me I could, I can guilt that girl like no other!)

The ceremony has turned out to be a small affair with my parents, my grandma, his mom and her husband (who has always been a mentor to Trainer.) I'm still excited and it will be nice to relax for 8 days. And no...I won't be wearing this effing boot to the pool or at the ceremony...can you imagine?

Oh, and I'm going to keep cycling. Two or more additional weeks of therapy is a fair trade for my sanity.

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