Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the bench

I'm pissed. In my last post I mentioned that 'at least I wasn't injured' and I should have bit my tongue. My right foot swelled up this week and by Wednesday I couldn't bear weight on it. So, I went to the Dr. on Thursday to get an x-ray to make sure that nothing was broken. Fortunately nothing is -broken. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to see the Sports medicine Dr. and see what I can do to get back to running and riding.

I guess I'll really learn how to become a proficient swimmer...ha!ha! And I guess this will be a good time to start on my core work AND strength training, which I've been avoiding.

Lemonade... lemonade... lemonade.

1 comment:

The Sports Mama said...

Ya know....

Add a splash (or seven) of vodka, and that lemonade is FANTASTIC! :)

Hang in there, hon... and use the OTHER foot to kick someone next time. ;)