Saturday, September 12, 2009

Post race blues

A phenomenon that hits many athletes after their "A" race or event. And it has once again hit me. The months leading up to the event are filled with purpose, every day. Even when you have a rest day you know that it's there for a reason. The big day comes, you finish, you relish in the accomplishment, and then you say, "What now?" I've gone through this before, I remember these feelings. After both half marathons, and I just don't remember how I shook it. Lucky for me, this time I just have a sore foot. I had an ankle fraction after my last half and walked in a boot for two months.

Next...what should I do next? A long ride -there's a 60 miler coming up, but would that be too easy? Should I do another half marathon? OR should I try to do some 'off-season' conditioning? The only problem with that? I need a schedule. A template. A guide. I don't necessarily like being told what to do, but I love the structure.

And here I sit, with my coffee, in my recliner, all the windows open, listening to the lovely rain. I should put my rain jacket on and ride. Or I could even go to the gym and swim. OR (crazy idea) I could even do some strength training! This is the hard part though... just getting up to do it. I feel like if I take time off I'II end up where I started, losing all that fitness and muscle that took MONTHS to create.

On a less depressing note, I bought our plane tickets to Cabo! The ceremony will be small, but I don't mind. Y'all are invited. Oct. 12th through 19th. Ceremony on the 16th. Good times, and I'm buying drinks (margs) afterward!

Alright, enough whining, I'm going to gear up and head out, even if it's just for an hour. Hardcore Moore, that's my nickname, I should try to live up to it. Peace out!

***update: Went on 20 mile ride in the rain. Here's me in my super cool gear...


The Sports Mama said...

Oooh.. I have SOOO got to get me some of that rain gear! ;)

And, sadly, I'm going to have to miss THIS wedding, too. :( But I'll think of you, will that work? :)

fattygetsfit said...

hahahahah that outfit is awesome!!

totegirl said...

Dang,I'm proud of you for getting out there in that weather! I didn't want to get all dirts from the trail, so I pretty much hibernated!

Great job, and I think the 60-mile ride would be fun, even if it was easy, no? Dude, anything over 12 miles, and I'm crying! Haha! Great job!

Can't wait to see you again! We should plan for something...more sushi? Yum!

YZB said...

Hardcore Moore? Heee heee hee hee hee hee...Oh wait, you mean because of all the training and stuff, hunh? I thought you meant because of...