Saturday, January 31, 2009

A play, dinner and a funeral

This, my friends, is exactly what has happened in my absence. I can't believe that it's been almost a month since my last blog. I have one started from my trip to Houston many weeks ago, but then I got sick and it went to the wayside.

Houston was fabulous, I got to spend time with Legs and her family, and to top it off she took me to a Broadway Across America musical. It was called "Spring Awakening"...just think about the teenage definition of awakening and you'll understand what the play was about. I did get to see some T & A on stage, and on a Sunday! What a treat! After it was over we were waiting for the valet to bring the car up and this....umm...gentelman butted into our conversation and said, "That was disgusting! What did you think of it?" Haha, what an opening huh? I responded with, "Well, I didn't think it was disgusting, in fact I thought it was well done, we just weren't expecting it." He retorted with, "Well, that trash (I'm paraphrasing) doesn't belong on Broadway!" and then he walked off. Legs and I were like, "Wow..." and then on our way home we thought of so many things to say to him...but the moment was gone.

The next Tuesday after this particular Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting one of my fellow bloggers that lives in Austin, Totegirl. She is really cool. I can't wait to go out with her again. I took her to my favorite sushi restaurant and then back to my house to have some wine. Good company, sushi and doesn't get much better!

Then Trainer came down with bronchitis...and that next weekend I became ill. Went to the Dr. on Monday and was diagnosed with an ear infection so I was out of work for two days. Went to work on Wednesday, still feeling like crap. Thursday morning I was working away and my dad calls. Odd...there are only a handful of reasons that my dad would call during the work day and none of those would be pleasant. As I Grandfather passed away. My dad said that he would call me back with details so we could make travel arrangements to get out to Vegas. the meantime I had invited my Soul Mate to come out and visit. This particular weekend was going to be a tough one for me for other reasons. This was the weekend last year that changed my life, although I didn't realize it until months later. I wanted her to be here to distract me and she just wanted a little break. Since I wasn't able to fly out to Phoenix for our girls weekend I decided that I should bring her here. So after hearing the news of my grandfather passing I was unsure of what to do....should we keep her weekend away or should we reschedule??? I decided to have her fly out anyway, I needed her and I think she needed to be needed by someone who wasn't under the age of 5. :)

We had a great weekend together, although it was really short. Usually when people come to visit I have all these plans made, I know where I'm going to take them, where to eat, what to see....but I was blank, nothing, nada. But I was so grateful that she was here and we stayed up late both nights and drank wine, ate good food and made brownie and ate them with ice cream. I scheduled our flight to Vegas just about the same time as her flight to Phoenix so I got to say goodbye to her in the airport. Everything happened so fast that I didn't even have time to cry. Maybe that was a blessing.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can't believe it...

I did it again, and not like Britney! I had my blog written, I was just about to change the font...and I erased the whole (#&$*&@!!! thing!!! ARGH! See...if you start from the bottom and shift + up arrow all the way up and manage to go one line to far...POOF - gone. Sad, very sad. It was a very good blog, but apparently no one else will know this.

Maybe I was too conceited in my blog...talking about how I love Facebook because I'm lookin pretty HOT in my pictures and a lot of my old HS "friends" are surprise (or so it seems). I talked about how it wasn't really fair (Brazilian tan, defined shoulders, the right angles), but how good it felt since I was never a 'looker' or popular, not a jock, not a cheerleader...just me. A band, choir, drama geek with a brain. *sigh* Maybe it's a lesson....something to ponder.

Went to the gym (I talked about that too) on Wednesday and did spin class, going tomorrow also. My crotch hurts, my legs body hurts from getting up at 4:45am. Who the heck thought that 5:30am cardio classes were a good idea anyway? At least I'm using my know, since I paid for the year in right? Yeah, I know - I'd better use it!

Hmmmm...what else. OH yes, my first full week at work since before the holidays. It sucks. Yep, that sums it up. And to make it worse our president is roaming the halls starting at 5:00pm to see who is still present. Yes, it's not how efficient you are, what kind of quality you's ALL about what time you get to work and what time you leave. What a load of crap right? Well, lucky for me I've been there every time he's come by. Does it really matter that I'm updating my Facebook at that time? Apparently not.

Lastly I talked about my Grandpa. His condition is not getting better. My dad says that he can't walk or eat by himself any longer. He really doesn't say anything. He's supposed to be rehabilitating but I don't see how he's ever getting out of there. I don't know what keeps him holding on...I just don't know. I cancelled my girls weekend in Phoenix. I'm just not sure if it's his time or not...he is stubborn, but I think his body is just failing. I debated over and over and over again...should I go out before he passes? Will I regret not going? And I decided not to go out before. I want to remember him from when I was a kid. We used to go visit them in CA once a year. I would always get up before everyone else and he'd be up, making instant coffee. He would make me a cup, mostly milk and sugar, but I felt like I was a grown up, and that we shared a secret. I cherish those memories. I don't think I could bear it if he didn't remember who I was.

Ah,'s cycle. We all go through it. I hope that I impact some young life as he impacted mine, with warm memories, trivial but special. We can only hope right?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ah, the new year - 2009

Let's start with New Year's Eve shall we? Trainer and I hosted a little party at our house. It started out as just one person coming over and ended up with 10. Not bad, small, nice...still a little crazy. Let's see...we had The Democrat, Brassy and New Orleans Boy, Minnesota and the Bear (he likes the Bears and he's a big fun guy), Home Girl and Home Boy and the Midwest Girl (although I think I'll rename her Nebraska). The party started at 8 (well, that's when I started drinking) and most people arrived right before 9. We shot the shit in the kitchen. Do you ever notice that this is where most parties end up?

Anyway, I was doing just fine, pacing myself and I really only had 3 1/2 glasses of wine, and for those who know me or if you've been following my blog you know that 3 1/2 glasses is nothing. However, Trainer decided to call upon his bar tending days and started mixing shots. Me, being tipsy and belligerent, was calling people out...and of course when you do that you have to pony up as well. I have NO idea how many shots I had, but the next morning came too soon and my stomach was a wreck for the better half of the day.

Brassy and N.O. Boy stayed the night (safety first!) and I made them breakfast. Do you know how difficult it is to make breakfast when the sight of raw eggs is about to put you over the edge? I put my own queasiness aside and made a breakfast for champions: Apple wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and breakfast potatoes. Tasty. Although, I have no idea because the thought of eating at that point was just not there. I had probably a quarter cup of potatoes and a lot of coffee. Nothing like dehydrating yourself even further to make yourself feel better. :)

We spent the rest of the day as we did Christmas day, on the couch. We watched football all day and ate as was necessary. Pizza for lunch, chips and queso for a snack and taquitos (Oh and a big thanks to LEGS for letting me know that I spelled it wrong) for dinner. Yep, I was feeling "great"! That was how I brought in 2009.

The good news? I did join a gym!! Finally. I joined Gold's, it's close to work and has Cardio Cinema. That sealed the deal for me. They play a movie on a big screen, in the dark with a whole bunch of cardio equipment in the room. How cool is that??

The bad news? Okay, well, it's not bad, it's a "starting" point. I wonder how many starting points I'll have in my life...sheesh. I had my measurements and body fat taken. It's written down in a file. The good thing about this is that it's in a file cabinet in the trainer's office and I can't obsess over it because I didn't see the numbers. She told me what my body fat % was and I must say that I was shocked. I only told one person, Yoga Zen Babe, and she thinks that it was wrong. I think it was too, BUT I'll go with it and re-check in 6 weeks.

I start my new routine tomorrow. Spin class. 5:30am. Yikes.

Trainer and I still need to write down our goals for the year. We'll get around to it sometime soon. I already have some in mind:
  • One new recipe a month to keep cooking interesting
  • Maintain a balance between work and home
  • Be consistent with my workouts
  • Keep writing, blogs as well as other projects I've been working on
  • Get re-married (haha) in October

That's my short list. Well, I need to make my bed with my clean sheets and pack my stuff for tomorrow. WOOHOO!