Thursday, October 21, 2010


My first reflection is: should have waited a day or two to write my race report and let myself process everything. But, I didn' here we go.

I recently wrote this to a friend: 'You do not make me who I am. I define myself. I am me.' I think I made it up, but I read so much that I could have taken it from somewhere. :) However, looking at my advice or words to her I can relate them to myself. The race did not make me a triathlete...the months of training did. I still define myself and I am me - an awesome wife, dog mom, friend, athlete, funny (even witty at times) person who decided that racing 70.3 miles was a good idea. And it was.

I like to push myself beyond my limits, and sometimes I choose to do too much too soon. But hey, we have to keep life interesting and it gives me good fuel for my blog.

The race pictures came out last night. I was relieved to know that I wasn't crazy and my left leg was indeed swollen. I was also happy that they came out decent, I was even smiling at the end. If you didn't know me well you won't even see the grimace in the last picture! And looking at the pictures made me realize (once again) that what I did WAS amazing, even more so considering my leg! So I AM a badass rockstar!

This experience has made me stronger, it has given me the opportunity to meet some really great people who will be in my life for a very long time and shown me both my strengths and weaknesses.

Now...on to the entertaining parts of the race:

-I am always amazed by the 'outfits' that people wear for these races. Some people were wearing the bike shorts that they had JUST purchased a day or two before - can we say 'Chaffage?'

- The conversation you have with yourself during a tri:
Mind - Okay, let's do this!
Body - Yep, let's do it!
M - Strong strokes, remember what your coaches say
B - Yeah, yeah...tpr, rotate, alligator it.
M - Hey, we're slowing down
B - Um, yeah...that happens when someones arm is grabbing my leg and we're not on a date!
M - Go, go, swim faster!
B - Look, just trying to breathe, not take in the entire lake, meanwhile belching underneath the water!
M - I see the shore! I see people!!
B - I see...'Ouch. MOFO! (&#%!! Hit in the head!!'
M - We're out of the water!
B - LAND!!! Shit, where did my legs go?

M - Woohoo, our favorite part!!
B - Yep, let's get into this rhythm thing
M - Circle, circle, keep drawing circles
B - Got it, doing it
M - Oooh, pretty sights...look at that field
B - Hey, concentrate! Focus! Eat! Drink!
M - Be Merry??
B - NO, not merry, shift
M - Uphill, you know what to do
B - Yep...oh, wait, sheister...Hello quads, nice of you to make an appearance
M - Only 2 more hours to go!
B - $(^&#$# 2 more hours to go.
M - Pretty...

M - We got this. 2/3 of the race down!!
B - Why are my legs always missing through transition?
M - Helllloooo??? 2/3 down,check?
B - Check. Gotcha. Going to not.
M - Okay, just 2 minutes, get into your zone, we've done this.
B - Yep, I remember the amount of times that I've done this...thanks.
M - LOOK! People!!
B - Crap, people, must run. Ok, shuffle. Ok, keep moving at least.
M - Into the park we go, there has to be shade! :)
B - Yep, somewhere...where is it? YOU PROMISED SHADE!
M - Eat something, you're grouchy.
B - Eat, drink, not very merry.
M - More people!
B - Feet won't go faster, sorry.
M - Come on! People are watching!!
B - Do I look like I give a crap? I'm trying to breathe here!
M - Look, last mile.
B - Oh, sweet, I'm awake now...all good. I'm good. Ouch. Shit. I'm good!
M - Camera alert!
B - Smile!
M - I see the last turn!
B - Oh, look! My stride has returned! Look at my feet lift off the ground!!
M - About time...
B - Hey, doing what I can...
M - Woot! Woot! Finish line baby!!!
B - Rockin! Smile, smile, grimace, smile, cry, smile!

That's all for now. I have plenty more to say and I still need to complete my little blogging project, but it will wait another day!

Thanks for hanging with me through all of this craziness peeps. Next year will be so much better! Wait...did I just say that? HAHAHA!


Shanna May said...

I am SO impressed with you!! Way to go, RA!!

The Sports Mama said...

You crack me up! :)

You are also a constant source of inspriation to me, know that?