Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work...the thing that pays for shit

I've decided that I need to be self-employed. I just had the most excruciating day all so I could get my allotted hours they would pay me my 40 hours...of salaried pay.

Here are the things I like to do:


How do I make this into a job? Anyone? Well, just popped a pill and now I will rest hoping that my drug induced dozing will produce an amazing idea. Sigh...


Robert said...

Freelance book critic?

Anonymous said...

It's not necessary for you to display your dirty helmets. The scene is horribly vulgar. Do you use medicated powder to your feet? Just missed you take a picture of your ass. No right, you bastard! Respect people! Don't be a bastard. Please. Being a decent person does not cost an ass. Understood?


Anonymous said...

Now I understand why you do not have jobs. Your strongest point is sleep. So, you should find work in a mattress factory. You can offer services to test mattresses. That will make your job easier.