Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know, I know...I'm supposed to be onto my third segment of the weekend and I can't even manage to finish the second installment. A funk...that's where I'm at right now.

I had a great weekend this past weekend. I swear if I have too many good weekends in a row I'll never want to work again. I need to get rich quick. The Saint and I need to get our crap-o-la together to make our millions. :) Back to my latest weekend...

Yoga Zen Babe came out to look for a house to buy. Her and her family flew in Thursday, drove around looking at neighborhoods and on Friday they went out with their realtor. And....(drum roll please)...they found a house! It's only 3 miles away from my house and they'll be living behind a really cool park. We took them to some "cool" Austin restaurants (IMHO of course!) and chilled out at the house. The puppies are SO excited to have a little friend to play with. The Zen Baby is adorable. He was actually reaching for the pups and they were happy to oblige. We had them on leashes so they wouldn't overwhelm the poor kid, but I think as the Zen Baby grows they'll be the best of friends.

Monday I came to work to find out that Z's (co-worker) husband was in the hospital. She's on my team and really like family. Her husband has type I diabetes and had a kidney transplant a few years back. They have three young children (3,5 and 7) and just bought a new house in the past year. He's been ill for almost a year now, but the past 6 months he's been in the hospital at least once a month, now it's once a week and for the past week he's been in ICU. His body is failing him and they can't figure out what is wrong, where the problem is. Z's been calling in every morning to give us the update. Tuesday she was numb and sounded normal. Wednesday it was apparent that the numbness was wearing off and reality was setting in. The doctors told her to call his family. He was bleeding internally and they didn't know the source. He's not coherent, but not in a coma.

This morning I received the update call while I was still home. So I just sat and listened, tried not to ask too many questions, I wanted her to speak her mind. I asked what we could do for her and she said, "Just pray...please pray." The funny thing is that on my walk earlier that morning I was thinking about her and her family. I thought about them all morning, even while getting ready and I had a feeling that she would be calling me. So I wasn't shocked to get the call, but it was still hard to hear her hurting. I cried on the way to work, just let the tears stream down my face as I thought about her and how much her heart was hurting.

My husband has done some crappy things in my life, but I can't imagine watching him wither away in a hospital bed, not knowing what is wrong with him. I can't imagine facing the possibility of raising three children on my own. I can't imagine facing the possibility of losing my partner, my best friend, my everything. I prayed last night, probably for the first time in a long time. Prayed for my friend, prayed for her family, prayed for peace of mind. I forgot how good it felt to pray, to talk to something that is bigger than life, to put yourself out there and have faith.

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The Sports Mama said...

I've always found it beyond amazing how sharing friend's sadness, happiness, grief and joy can somehow bring my own life back into focus.

Now, through the blogging world, I'm finding even more things that make me re-think the things in life that I worry about. And more ways to re-center myself and recognize where my priorities are.

Thanks. I needed another reminder that where I'm at right now isn't as rough as it could be.