Monday, June 30, 2008

GGW...part II

Ok, ok...I'll finish this up. I know, I know...I'm a slacker and have been *gasp* working. :)

So, let's see...where did I leave off??? That's right, Saturday at the pool...massages...

Saturday was a pool, massage, relaxing kind of day. As I said, we had a method for the massage. When Sexy Hippy was up getting her massage the girls in the pool (me included) were getting hot so we decided to go back to the room and chat and possibly play games while we waited for The Director to get back. This way we could all get "gussied" up for the evening. While we were waiting a group of us decided (really I decided) that I needed to get my Tarot cards read. The Executive has a talent, she is seriously a medium and I trust her implicitly.

Have you ever done Tarot? If you haven't, you should. Some people don't approve of it, for some religious reason or another, but I'm not religious and I think it's a gift. When you ask a question and open yourself up an answer will present itself in many different forms. Tarot is one of those forms. cards were what I expected. Lot's of decisions to be made about my fact that was my significator card, which is what is happening at the present moment. Now, I wasn't shocked by my cards, after all there is a lot going on, but I was really hoping that the first card (the one that said that I was going to have to make some sort of decision) was in the outgoing spot. But, apparently I haven't fully made my decision yet. Cards are funny, some times they are relative to what is happening right now and some times they take 3-6 months to play out. Usually you'll look back at your reading a while later and go "Ah-hah! That's what they were saying." You can't live your life by the cards, meaning you can't make something happen that is in the cards, just like you can't live your life by what your monthly horoscope says. These things are references, guidance, but not hard decisions, you still have to do the "work" yourself.

After my tarot reading I received a wonderful 15 minute head massage, it was divine, I needed more time, but we were OUT of time. We had dinner reservations at 7:30 at Sam's Cafe`, which was an okay place, not spectacular, but a place that could accommodate the 7 of us at that time. It was also just across the street from the movie theatre where we were going to see Sex and the City - the movie! We got some great shots (pictures not drinks...) at dinner and then headed over to the theatre. We arrived a little early so we had our choice of seats and picked a row not too far up and of course we had our feet on the chairs in front of us. People started filling in and by the time the movie started the theatre was still pretty empty. The Director had her feet on the chair and this couple decided to sit right in front of her...again, the theater was EMPTY, and they looked at her so she put her feet down. Once the movie started she put her feet up again, gently, and the guy turned around and chewed her out! I'm serious, he actually almost threatened her for having her feet up on the chair. Now...if you were in a theater that was not very full...would you really sit in front of a row of SEVEN women? We all wanted to kick this guys ass...and probably would have if he would have tried anything else. What a bastard.

The movie was great, more like a really LONG episode of Sex and the City. There were tears, and not just from us. There were points where you could hear the universal snivel. When the movie was over we walked back to the cars, went back to the room and started talking. Our poor Executive got sick. She's allergic to peppers and apparently at this Sam's Cafe her meal had more than a few. She tried to eat around them...but you know how that goes. Needless to say, we cleared out of the room and went to sleep. Soul Mate wanted to talk so we stayed up talking for another hour or so. I thought that Tiny Dancer was sleeping, but I found out the next day that it wasn't the case. SO, my apologies to Tiny Dancer for keeping you awake darling! (She's pregnant and needs all the Zzz's she can get!) It was a good talk that Soul Mate and I had and it made her feel better about some things that she's been worrying about. I think my dear friends worry about me being "on my own" in Austin. But, as I remind them...this is not the first time I've been on my own.

We went down to the pool for a little last "hurrah" and then went our separate ways. It was sad, but in a good way. Hopefully we'll continue the tradition of meeting once a year. And yes...I realize that this means that I have to go to the desert in the heat of the summer once a year...ugh.

The Saint was tasked with babysitting me for the rest of the day since my flight didn't leave until 7ish that night. We went to Buffalo Exchange (which if you haven't been there lately...check it out!) and she was overly generous as usual. I ended up with a hot looking pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans that I promised to send her in a couple of months. Although, I don't think they'll fit her since she's a skinny mini now. Sexy Hippy had us over for dinner, it was a nice refreshing salad and really hit the spot, but what was even better was spending time with her mini-diva in training. Her little peanut is SO adorable. And after that I went to the airport and waited for my flight to take me home.

It was a wonderful trip. I loved every minute of it and made me realize how I survived living in Phoenix for that long! Now, there is no way that I'm going back, but I do miss my friends. My friends that represent my heart and soul. The ones that know me better than myself. I miss being there for them in the physical sense, being able to go over when one of them is having a problem with a bottle of wine and a strong shoulder to cry on. I miss being there to encourage them, I miss being there to see their babies come into the world. I miss seeing them happy because that makes me happy. So, all of my dear friends (this includes you Sports Mama and Yoga Babe), remember that you have something in Phoenix that is precious. You have your friends, your support, your hearts and souls that help you live when you can't find the strength. Remember that I'm only a phone call away. Love, Me.


The Sports Mama said...

I really envy that, you know. That sense of sisterhood, of camaraderie (and I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong), of just belonging somewhere with someone who loves you for you.

Anywhoo... I'll be here next time you fly through! :) It was great to see you again, it really was.

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

I'm sad. I miss you, my love. We did have a blast, didn't we?! I definitely think we need to do it again next year (separate checks, please - ha, ha!!)