Saturday, January 30, 2010

The best laid plans....

....always fail. Or are interpreted by the universe a little differently!!!

So, my plan took off on Monday, did my spin in the morning (now this spin class isn't with a spin bike, you actually use your road bike on a "trainer" so you get used to gearing up and down) and ran a couple of mile that night with YZB. We did a 2:30 run/:30 walk for 25 minutes, and then walked for a lot more because I was venting at that point. I know, you're shocked right? Tuesday could NOT get up for swim at 5:45am. If we haven't discussed, I am not a morning person. The thought of getting up at 4:45 to leave the house at 5:10 to get into a pool (albeit heated) while it's 36 degrees outside...not appealing. But, I had intended on doing it, and didn't make it.

Well, after that I had a couple of options. I did my noon time strength work out with Trainer and then I could either do the Tues night spin class or do three workouts on Wed. I choose to do the night time spin class. Which was a great class (except for the horrendous drive downtown!) I didn't get home until 8:30p, and by the time we ate it was time for sleep. Wednesday I didn't have to get up for spin since I'd done it the night before, next workout was swimming at 11:45am. I only had time for a 45 min swim, but I figured it was better than nothing. I was in a lane with three other people, one of who is about my speed and the two other people were MUCH faster. THIS does NOT motivate me to be better. I am not engineered that way. (Now if we were talking about a Karaoke competition I'd be all over besting the person next to me!) For me to get blown away by my teammates is a little demoralizing. It doesn't stoke a fire but really throws a bucket of water over the fire. I have anxiety and waste my energy flailing around the pool, just hoping that I'm not holding anyone up. NOT a good practice for me. Then Wednesday night I went to track practice.

I love track practice. I love being given tasks and then completing them. Yes, I was one of those kids who LOVED school. Anyway, I started out on my warm up and knew that this was going to be a difficult practice. The muscles around my peroneal tendon were tightening up and sending shooting pain up through the knee. No matter what I did, run faster/slower/walk...didn't make a difference. Just pain. Of course I ran through the pain, but I knew it wasn't wise. The good news is that I just need to roll and massage it out. Get it used to running again. The bad news is that rolling it out and massage HURT like a mother, and I'm really not into pain. Frustrated, very, very frustrated at this point with my running. I wore the effing boot for 2 1/2 months. I did my physical therapy. I followed the stupid run/walk program and it SAYS on week 5 that I should be able to run straight for 25 minutes!! IT LIED! Sorry, venting.

On to Thursday. Did not make it out of bed in the morning for swim, which with the state of my calf was probably a good thing. I did do my strength session that afternoon as planned and took Friday completely planned. The only thing I missed so far was my second swim.

Tonight I'm meeting with a group of ladies who are like me...they want to get better, but need a support group of similar people to growth WITH, not just the chase faster people and hope to get faster. Plus we're meeting at a wine bar *bonus*!!

Today I'm going to try a short run, maybe 20 min see how my leg is feeling. Tomorrow is a 30 mile ride at 9am along my favorite road Parmer. Then we start over next week and try-try again. Oh, and did I mention that I gained 2 pounds when I upped my training? How effed up is that?? My good old friend Sprinter is going to do a diet analysis on me for free! (WOOHOO! Love that word.) And then I may meet with the team nutritionist (not free) to figure out a plan that will keep me fed and hopefully shed some pounds along the way.

Alright, more coffee and I need to figure out breakfast as we're out of oatmeal. *gasp* I know, I can't believe it either. Have a great weekend!


totegirl said...

Good lord woman, you really don't like swimming, huh? I took a fitness swim class through work, but my rotator cuffs hurt from the regular stroke. :( That blows, because I adore swimming!

I really hope your pain goes away. I want you to succeed in everything you do! I am really proud of you for all your hard work!

Shanna May said...

Damn, I was thinking I was gonna get some good, old-fashioned smut with the title, "The best LAID plans". Exercise, schmexercise! ;)