Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes! Thursday is here...and almost gone

I hate Mondays almost as much as I love Thursdays. Thursdays are one step closer to Friday which in turn is one step closer to me being OFF for 2 days. It's glorious. Usually busy so the time flies by, added bonus. Today was no different, the day was over before I knew it. This evening I went on a 60 min ride with Mid-west Girl. It was WINDY, but still, a good ride. Came home, made a fabulous 'fly by the seat of my pants dinner' and now I'm chillaxin with a glass of vino and bloggin.

Hmmm...between Monday and today what happened... My office mate was her usual pain in the ass self, she's just difficult, I'll need to go into detail when I have more time. My sales dudes that I 'support' were all okay, no big dramas this week. Oh yes, Tuesday our air conditioner wasn't working (it was 95 degrees here and 87 in the house) so we had to eat out. Well, we didn't HAVE to, but I didn't think that heating up the house even more was a good idea. This got fixed on Wednesday morning.

I went Kayaking with Yoga Zen Babe on Wednesday evening and that was fabulous. There is nothing like being on the water, it was nice...pretty calm and the sun was setting so it wasn't too hot. Plus I just love spending time with YZB. I did much better this week than I did last week, I felt pretty strong, although we were only out for about 40 min. Next week we'll be out for a bit longer and I believe that YZB and I are going to make this a standing "date"! Yippee! It will be a great compliment to my other exercise crap.

Oh, yes...and Trainer and I are a little farther along in planning our vow renewal that is happening in Mexico this October. We got the contract for the place that we were originally married at and it was outrageous. I had a little meltdown, a 'Debbie Downer' moment....but I recovered today. I tend to do that when things don't go exactly as planned with events. They always turn out, and I know that, but I always freak...just a bit. So, instead of having our ceremony at the same place that we were married we're going for the beach setting, which I think is fabulous. We'll get "remarried" in a new spot, a new start. Then we'll go up to this restaurant that has a terrace and get everyone in attendance drunk! I'm stoked.

Things on the weight loss front are...ehh...but I'm just going to keep eating "whole" foods, as much as I can, keep exercising and stop stressing about it. I know, I know...I say this a lot...but maybe if I keep saying might stick!

Saturday is a 5k race for me, I'll have to blog about that after it's over. Later gators!


YZB said...

I didn't know you were racing this weekend... Go RA go!

Oh, and I found a coupon on the rowing dock website for rent an hour get one free - sweet.

The Sports Mama said...

Good luck in your race tomorrow!

And apparently I've been more absorbed in my own little self than I thought.... I didn't know you guys were renewing your vows!? I think that is FABULOUS! And perfect, and an awesome way to re-committ!

It also occurs to me as I read your post, that I'm just a tad bit jealous. Kayaking in the evening? Now, while the whole water/exercise thing just can't happen for me.... the ABILITY to do so? Would totally rock.

And now... I'm off to the ballfield. Again. Wonder how many parents I'll get to escort out of the park tonight due to touchy umpires getting power trippy and ejecting them? It's been a busy week at that park.....