Sunday, April 12, 2009


Oh good morning to you all! Well, I suppose you could be reading this at different times, but it's morning as I write. I tend to get on a roll with blogging and then all hell breaks out at work and sidelines me for a while. We had yet another RIF at work, again I was spared, but the amount of work that is now on our plates is a little too much. They cut too deep. My office mate (we literally share an office) is being Negative Nancy and is unbearable 3 out of the 5 days of the week. She just has a bad attitude. We all know that I complain and bitch however I can keep a smile on my face or make a witty/funny remark to keep things light. Eh, it's just "one foot in front of the other" and we shall survive it.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going down to Houston to visit one of my best friends Legs and her family. Trainer had a class to attend on Friday and Saturday for his continuing ed credits so I decided to join him and hang out. I seriously don't know how all of you with multiple children do it. Really. I was exhausted by the end of the weekend and I didn't even do anything! Between both of us being tired from the weekend (Trainer's class was pretty intense and he was physically exhausted) and the stress of our pups wanting to jump over the fence and take care of our neighbor's dog we had a little argument. It all comes down to our different styles of communication. I like to work things out by talking about it and he likes to shut himself away and work through the problems on his own. This always creates an issue on top of the issue.

We didn't really get a chance to really get things worked out that night or during the week since we were both busy. So... Friday evening we went to our local dive bar, had a couple of beers and then I brought it up. I think this drives him batty since he would just like to go on like nothing happened, and I just can't let it go. However I did get to say my peace. We stopped at the convenience store on the way home to get more beer and broke out the KISSOPOLY game.

What the hell??? Yes, Kissopoly is a version of Monopoly just in a KISS (rock band) setting. How boring right? Well...we've kind of made Kissopoly into a game of foreplay. If you remember, I have a love of lingerie and so does Trainer (me wearing it). So if you think back to a Monopoly board there are the "chance" cards, I cannot think of what the other ones are..., anyway in the KISS game they are "backstage pass" and "general admission" cards. We usually play one real game and then the second game we make up rules for those two cards. The rules change every time we play. This time the rules were that any time you landed on a backstage pass card you got 1 min of pleasure "you call it" style and the general admission cards you got 30 secs "you call it." Trainer would made me change my "outfits" on his turns and most of the time the 1 min/30 sec time rule went out the window. Hehehe....

So, anytime you need to mix things up pull out an old game and start making up your own rules, it's fun...and doesn't cost money and believe me gets you in the mood.

In other news I'm frustrated with my weight. I feel like I've been doing everything right, exercising, eating etc. but the scale won't move. I'm thinking about taking the advice of MizFit (shes' awesome, take a look around her site) and put my scale away for a while, start eating food in it's most natural state and just keep exercising. We'll see what happens.

Enjoy your day peeps!

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