Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mother Nature strikes again...

Okay, disclaimer...if you're male and are uncomfortable with the female body and all of it's processes stop reading and I'll catch you next time. Now...for the rest of story of the weekend.

So Mid West Girl came over today for a nice easy 70 min ride. We went out at about 2pm since MWG had just run for an hour and mowed her yard. Talk about making me feel lazy! The only thing I'd done at that point was provide race support for Trainer at his 10k. Now, I did get about 1 mile of running and 2 miles of walking in, but nothing too strenuous. After the race we met our Rice friends for brunch. When we arrived home I crawled back into bed (I had stayed up late Saturday night...I got sucked in watching The Notebook and was up past midnight) because I was tired. Trainer took a nap and I ended up watching America's Next Top Model season 6 or 7...can't remember.

We took off and it was SO much nicer today than it was last week. Light winds, sunny, beautiful. We ended up going 17 miles and then MWG had to go home to play with her pups and such...oh, and mow the back yard. I was so inspired by her that I decided to go on a quick 2 mile run. I figured I could spare 20 minutes and took off. I got done with the first mile, turned around to come home and of course adjust my shorts. I have thick thighs, I'll ALWAYS have thick thighs no matter how big or small I am. That being said, my shorts ALWAYS crawl UP the thighs. Fine, whatever, I don't care about being very unladylike and pulling them down. So I do just that and look down and guess what I see??? (This is a little TMI - just warning you!) Blood. Yep. Blood. I was mortified.

My period came late this month, by a week. No big deal, aside from the grouchiness, crying at commercials, etc. Today is day 3 so it should start getting lighter. Well, after I was done riding I just switched my shorts from riding to running and went out. Not really thinking.

So here I am, on a busy street and I have NO idea what people can see. I have no idea if I have a nice big red spot on the back of my shorts, I only knew that it was in the middle somewhere. I walked for a little bit, knowing that I have a mile to go, there is no where to hide, no bathrooms to check myself...I'm just out there. So I start to jog faster, but then I'm thinking 'What if it makes it worse?' but on the other hand 'I just need to get home!' Just as I was thinking that some jackass honked at me, I freaked out. I sprinted the last half mile so by the time I got to my house I was out of breath and coughing hard. Trainer asks, "Are you okay?" I ran to the bathroom, turned around and discovered that you couldn't see anything. Whew! I just couldn't pull my shorts down because then it would have been obvious.

This has never happened to me before, I've never bled through like that. Insanity. See what happens when you get 'inspired'???


schmitball13 said...

I KNOW it isn't funny and it could happen to any of us....ROTFLMAO....that was too funny.

totegirl said...

Oh shit, that's fucked and funny at the same time! That has NEVER happened to me *knock wood* but it is the exact reason I will NEVER wear white pants! Sorry chick! Look on the bright could have been way worse! And hey, go you on all that exercise!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAA!! I'm sorry. This kind of shit happens to me all the time though. Shit literally too. Oh my - too much information indeed!!

The Sports Mama said...

As if I needed another reason NOT to exercise... hehehe