Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amazing Grace and all my other chicks

Today I have realized, once again, how wonderful and selfless my friends are. I blog to clear my mind, to rant and rave and to connect with my friends that are far away.

It never ceases to amaze me that my good friend SportsMama always comments on my blog. She is always supportive and generous with her comments, always upbeat and encouraging. She makes me feel like I'm more than I really am. She does this all when her world has literally unraveled in front of her eyes in the last 6 months or so. She had to change jobs, her husband lost his job, then she lost hers. They have two boys that need to eat and one that needs monthly medication. They are the best parents. It's just a tragedy and an example of what is happening everywhere, yet....every morning after I've written my blog the night before she has a special comment of hope...just for me.

I have my friend Yoga Zen Babe here with me in Austin who feeds me every week. I go to her house for lunch, I get to hang out with her and little H, and eat her food. We talk and talk about silly stuff, about serious stuff...about everything. And then when I get back to work she thanks ME for coming over for a lovely lunch!

I have my friend Soul Mate who flew out here when I needed her the most, even though it wasn't the most entertaining visit. She and YZB helped me pick out a dress for my grandpa's funeral, not much fun in that, but they made it fun.

I have my friend The Saint who always has a kind word for me. I sent her a b-day gift for her trip to NYC (which I heard was amazing!!) and she told me I was the fizzle fo shizzle. (or something like that) But she is the one who never forgets an event, a small moment in life that means something to you and that you'd think that no one would remember. She is amazing, strong and beautiful and it is SO nice to see her looking at herself in the mirror and acknowledging that.

My friend Midwest Girl who is doing the tri is amazing. She motivates me even when she's under the assumption that I'm motivating her! Digging deep, that is what she does, when she thinks that there is no more left she finds a reason to keep going...and I'm not just talking about at the gym. Also, she shows up at all my silly parties and stays and helps out. She makes friends, doesn't need hand holding and I know that if I got stuck somewhere she would come and get me no questions asked.

My friend Legs is one of the smartest people I know, and not just book smart, she has those street smarts going on. She is down to earth and handles the most difficult situations with ease, or so it appears. She can be vulnerable, though you'll rarely see it. Her son was born with a complication, nothing that cannot be fixed, however while they wait it is just emotionally excruciating. I don't think people realize how much pain they inflict on another person with a glance and a frown, or when someone is trying to "study" your child and trying to figure out what is wrong. And all you want to do as a parent is say "Fuck off and mind your own business because my child is PERFECT ASSHOLE!" But she doesn't. She grins as she catches their eyes and deals with her emotions later. She always puts herself in the "later" category.

I could go on and on...and perhaps I will at a later time. But I just wanted you all to know that I am constantly surrounded by love and greatness and that I love my beautiful friends. They make me want to be better and you can't really ask for more than that.

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The Sports Mama said...

Of course I comment.... :) Have you forgotten my extreme need to hear (or see, as the case may be) the sound of my own voice? :)

Seriously, though? I love you, and this is a good way to tell you that a bit more often.