Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love Hate

This is the relationship that I have with riding, that is cycling. I love it when I'm on the open road, I love the feeling of going fast (all relative mind, I love it when I beat a light or even run a red (safely of course) many things that I love. I hate getting ready to ride. Hate it. I hate putting on my cycling shorts, because even though they save my legs from chaffing and my ass from getting uber sore they are just plain unflattering. I hate wearing the helmet even though it saved me that one time that I crashed. I hate my Oakley's, they make me look like I play for the other team (not that there is anything wrong with that.) But the feeling that I get when I clip into my pedals, the feeling that I get when I power up a beats out the hate.

I feel the same way about a lot of things. I presume that most people do. I hate the act of going to the gym, but I love it once I'm there. I hate getting up in the morning, but...wait, nope. That's just a hate. No love. Anyway, if you couldn't guess I went out for a ride today. I only went 15 miles, but it was 15 miles that I almost didn't do at all. My good friend and I were going to go on a ride, 80 minutes because that is part of her training schedule for her triathlon training. However she had some puppy issues (which I completely understand) and couldn't make it in a time that would work for both of us. So, as I sat watching crap TV I debated on whether to go at all. No one would know, or care for that matter, no one except me. So I went. Trainer said it was too cold out for him to go so he ran instead....logic? I have no idea.

Overall this was an AWESOME weekend. I took Friday off of work, Hoe was supposed to come in to town, however all the flights were booked up and she had to cancel at the last minute. I was going to go to work, but my office mate insisted that I take it off. Which was probably a great idea since she's driving me NUTS, another story for another time. I finally cleaned out the majority of my closet, much to Trainer's delight. I went to Costco, which I have named The $100 store, put the groceries away, went to the liquor store...and even made dinner! Then Trainer and I got a little tipsy and acted like a couple of teenagers. Fabulous. Saturday was kind of a waste (read - hangover) although I did make it to the gym and sweat out some alcohol on the elliptical. We didn't eat too bad, except for the Panda Express for dinner...LOVE Panda for a hangover. And today we didn't even go out to eat once! Not even for coffee...a record!

Yoga Zen Babe and I went and saw "He's just not that into you" this afternoon and I thought it was a good/cute movie. It ended better than I thought it would and spending time with YZB is always a treat. I thought I wasn't going to like it from what I'd heard, but I did like it. And after this weekend and my conversation with Trainer on Friday evening I realized that he IS that into me...still! This year has been so great and healing and more than I expected. I know that my blogs of late have been filled with this sentiment, however things just keep happening, good things. Eh, my life right? No one HAS to read this. :)

So, my next blog will most likely be about my office mate. She gives "not a morning person" a new meaning. Until then...


The Sports Mama said...

Do you know how happy I am to hear that he IS into you again? (Or still.... just showing it again?)

Although I will never quite understand the insanity that prompts you to put your booty on a bicycle and actually ride it, I sooo admire you for doing it even though no one would know if you didn't.

Hmm.. wonder if that same logic applies to my eating ice cream even though no one would know if I didn't? :)

totegirl said...

Hooray for a long bike ride! Bikes are so intimidating for me. I'm going to take a safety class at work. Maybe that will ease my fear!

So glad to hear that you are well. I thought about you this weekend. I'm super broke, but soon I want to do dinner again!