Monday, April 27, 2009

Procastination Blog (I don't want to work)

Ugh, the afternoon is just dragging...I'm sitting at my desk yawning. Of course it could be a sugar crash from the Snickers that I just ate. Do you know that I haven't had a full sized candy bar in years?? YEARS! It was in my drawer, my co-worker likes to bring us goodies, I usually pass. Not today. Today I opened my drawer...then shut it. I ate lunch, 'that will take care of the craving' I thought. Opened my drawer...still there...staring at me. I shut the drawer and chewed on a piece of gum. 'That should do it! Keep my mouth busy!' I thought. Nope, I kept opening the drawer and then I was ripping open the wrapper and took a BIG bite. Yum. Totally worth it. I may have to do some extra cardio this week...oh well.

In other news...this weekend I ran a 5k. Nothing special, not a PR, well...actually it may be my slowest running 5k. I was running with my co-workers daughter who has asthma and forgot to take her meds AND forgot her inhaler. SO not only was I guiding her through her first race, I was having to listen to her breathing to make sure her airways were open. I even made her full on stop one time when I knew she couldn't is just a minor thing. No big deal.

No great sex this weekend, no great ride or even shitty ride as I didn't go out. I did have a killer pancake after the race though. Oh, and I made a couple of kick ass meals on Sunday as well. Ha, I almost forgot. This is classic:

Saturday we watched the NFL draft, I like watching that stuff so I didn't mind. Until the first round was over and Trainer says, 'What's for dinner?' and I said, 'I don't know, what do you want?' Which of course started the circular argument of who should decide what is for dinner. I really didn't want to cook, but we were supposed to be eating at home. The meal that I had planned was a bust because I forgot some of the main ingredients (that was the kick ass meal from Sunday.) SO, I had other options since I hadn't gone to the store...because we were watching the draft...and apparently I should have gone during the draft??? Whatever. I said, 'Fine (read tone), I'll just make teriyaki chicken and couscous.' Trainer, 'Let's just have pasta. There I made a decision.' And guess who gets to make the pasta? ME! Fricka fracka!

Not ONLY did I have to MAKE the pasta, we had no sauce so I had to make that as well...from scratch! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! And what does he say when we sit down to eat? 'At least we didn't eat out.'