Friday, June 5, 2009

Flippin' Friday!!

We made it! Oh how wonderful it is to be Friday.

Training News - Tonight I am going to swim in open water for the first time. Not play in open water, but swim. Or at least attempt it. I have to get over the fear of biting fish and other icky things. A guy at work say, "You just can't think about it, just swim and you'll be okay." I'll try to follow his advice. This week has been better than last. So far 1 run, 1 swim (soon to be 2), no bike but I'll go on a long ride Sunday.

Cruise news - TWO weeks away...can you believe it? Called Legs last night and we're just so excited. I haven't lost any weight...drats. But you know what? I'm going on a boat with my BFF and she really doesn't give a rip if I have cellulite on my legs, why should I care? I mean the pics that we take will be censored and only the best ones kept. That's what I love about girlfriends. If you say, "Please shoot from here up" they get it. ;) HAHA!

Other news - Not much to report. Right now I'm being lazy and I'm going to be late to work. Next week I'm going to change my workouts to morning time, that is 7am (not this crazy ass 5am stuff), which means that I'll still roll in at 8:30a - 9a. I just won't get to watch GMA. No idea why I started watching it a couple of months ago, but I love it and it is a HUGE time waster in the morning. It seems everyone had happy birthdays, yippee!

Well, off to shower and then off to work. Woohoo. Can you feel the enthusiasm??

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