Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Splash and Dash baby!

Okay, so the title sounds a lot more fun than what it actually is... Today I participated in my first 'Splash and Dash' which is a 'race' where you swim 750m and then run 2 miles...at 6pm...in Austin, TX where the temp was 101 degrees. Yep, fun stuff baby.

The Rockstar Friend of the Week Award goes to...(drum roll)....Midwest Girl! She got suckered into doing this with me. I sent her an email with the link saying something like, "This looks fun...you interested?" And knowing MWG it was just enough of a push and of course she said YES! Now, come race day (today) she is PMSing and cramping, but she still picked me up and was a trooper. She gave me tips, told me what to pack, found our transition spot...the whole works!

Now, I've been training so I know I can make it around the Quarry (it is an old Limestone Quarry that they filled with water...leaves your skin feeling...well, not so soft) and I know I can run more than 2 miles. So I wasn't worried about the distance. I was super freaked by the thought of swimming with 100 people, by the thought of getting kicked in the head, by the thought of kicking someone else in the head, and lastly...by the thought of coming in last. :) Oh, I know it's all in fun, these little races, but the competitive part of me wasn't listening to that noise. I know I'm not a strong swimmer (or runner for that matter) but I really, really, REALLY didn't want to come in last.

The time came, I put on my swim cap, put on the goggles and wadded into the water, behind every person. They counted down...3....2....1...blast of the horn and we were off. It was insane, I couldn't get my breath, I sure as heck couldn't do my freestyle stroke! So the group split up between the accomplished swimmer and the stragglers, I was apart of the second group. :) But I made it around without stopping. I only drank a quarter of the quarry and no kicks to the head. As I approached land I hear this girl, "Swim in as far as you can" but I barely heard that because my swim cap comes over my ears. She kept repeating and I looked up and it was MWG! I thought, 'she waited for me??? NO WAY!' But it turned out that she got a really, really bad cramp and knew that she wouldn't make it so she swam back and was my race support. Which I have to say was pretty cool.

I got to the "transition area" (it was just a spot on the hill...which was rocky...in bare feet) and dried off quickly. Really I just squeezed the water out of my crotch. :) I don't need any kind of infection two days before my cruise, and it didn't help that I got waxed today. (whoops!) Anyway, I put my shoes on clumsily and took off....way.too.fast. I was about a quarter of a mile in and my throat felt like the desert. I forgot to take a swig of water. BIG mistake. The water station was on the other side of the quarry and once I got there I stopped, well walked, and drank my water. A co-worker of mine saw me (he was volunteering at the race) and cheered me on. I think I grunted back at him...not very lady like. MWG was at the lap marker and cheered me on. That was lap one, and there were two more like it. I actually high (or low) fived her at the second lap.

MWG was at the finish with my bag and most importantly my water bottle...oh, my dear water bottle how I love you. The whole experience was pretty good considering and I learned some things for next time. Yes, there will be a next time.

My stop watch said 47:44, 23 something on the swim, 2 min on the transition and 22 min on the run. Yeah.

AND...two more days until I am on a boat and sailing away with Legs!!!!!!


fattygetsfit said...

woohooo! sounds like an adventure!

schmitball13 said...

You are an all-american rock star...first or last you did it! At the end of the day, not that many people (including me) can say that!

YZB said...

Rock Star, eff yeah!