Saturday, June 13, 2009

Training Update

I ran! 30 minutes in the humid, hot morning with very little shade. But I did it. Yeah. I missed Yoga Zen Babe this morning so we didn't get our kayaking in...that's a bummer. I hope we get some in before I leave. Plus I've missed her this week.

Now, off to shower. I made my grocery list, have to get to the store...maybe after my massage.

So far this week:
2x swimming, one in the pool, one open water swim
1x cycling, tomorrow will make 2
1x running, tomorrow will make 2

Next week? Monday cycle. Tuesday "splash and dash race" (swim 750m, run 2 miles). Wednesday Yoga, cycle, swim. Thursday run. Friday rest. Saturday run on ship. Sunday who knows...but at least I have a "plan."

Oh, if you get a chance, check out one of my favorite blogs. I love it because she's real, she's insightful and has this dark humor about her that I really dig. Just Julie Bean's Smoke Yourself Thin!. Two blogs ago she talks about intuitive eating. Good pointers.

Check ya later yo!

1 comment:

fattygetsfit said...

man i wish i could go swimming for exercise. i have to find a place that i can do it on the cheap.