Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The ...'to be continued' Saturday night post

I'll try to make this short...it's going to be tough. Look out for blog-o-mania this week, lots of stuff going on!

Budgeting - Well, Trainer and I have been pretty lax about our budget lately and then we received a letter from our CC company about them raising our interest rate by 4%. Mind you we have good credit and we always pay our bills on time so I was SHOCKED to see this increase. We have until January to either continue or opt out. SO, I spent all of the weekend before last making a new budget and seeing if we could fit everything into our plan and still save etc. Then I decided that we needed the help of a professional. Trainer agreed and even had some questions of his own about our retirement.

Financial Planning - We enlisted the help of a professional. He was likable right off the bat, making me feel pretty comfortable laying all the cards out on to the table. I have a feeling that I'm not going to LOVE everything he suggests, but at least we'll be on some kind of track to get where we'd like to be (debt free...some day) in the future. If we can pay off a big chunk of debt, fix the house, sell the house, move and start saving for retirement in the next 5 years I'll be a very, very happy girl! Albeit boring in the mean time as I won't be spending money.

Volunteering - So the Machine (new friend, training person from T3) got me to sign up to volunteer for the Jingle Bell race in our area. I worked the packet pick-up. The cool thing about volunteering for this particular company is that you get points, and those points turn into race fee discounts! How cool is that? The actual volunteering was boring, there were a lot of us and not a lot of people. But, I did my couple of hours and had the rest of the day to....drink.

Flying Saucer - This is our favorite bar...currently. They have about 60+ beers on tap and about every bottle you could think of. I'm fond of dark beer, porters have been the choice of late, however the Saucer was out of my favorite. So I started sampling and the bartender asked if I had tried stouts before. Besides Guinness in a Black and Tan...I'm a stout virgin. OMG, was it ever good to give it up to Young's Double Chocolate Stout. I layered it with the Rogue Hazelnut and wah-lah, my new favorite beer was born. I mean, dark beer that tastes like chocolate, coffee and hazelnuts? Hello??? Did I mention that we started drinking at 3ish?

Frozen Pizza - This was our dinner after we got home from the Saucer. I popped it in while Trainer set up the Kissopoly table. We continued to drink at home where we had some porter and ale and no one had to drive. ;) (Safety first!) Dinner of champions.

Kissopoly - So this wasn't like our usual game play. One, it was too cold out to make the necessary outfit changes. Two, we were both pretty tired. So it ended up being 2 games, I won the first round, he won the second and the bed won out over anything more fun for the evening.

Sunday - However, Sunday morning proved to be awesome. I was cleaning out my drawers, getting rid of old clothes and putting things in neat piles. I wish I were a neat person by nature, but it's just not in me! Trainer is super-neat, so really I try to be neat for him. Anyway, I was doing this and apparently it was a turn on. Holy wow, I'm going to have to find a reason to clean out the drawers and closets every weekend!

After we made lunch at home Sunday (we blew our entire eating out budget for the week at the Saucer - whoops!) I got an email from the Machine and she wanted me to ride with her. OMG, I had my ass handed to me by a 50+ year old. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just made me realize that I want to grow up to be like her. We rode 40 painful (for me) miles, and 20 of those were going back with a head wind. I barely made it back home, not enough nutrition or fluids on the ride, and Trainer had to make dinner. Nothing like a good ass kicking to end your weekend eh?

Well, it's getting late, I need to get home and I have SO much more to say! Until tomorrow peeps!

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The Sports Mama said...

Wanna hear something funny? Coach gets all friendly and frisky when I do something very domestic like bake. Or vacuum.

Go figure.