Saturday, September 17, 2011

I need a tape recorder...

...for my bike. So that when I'm riding and have all of these fabulous ideas for blogging I remember them when I actually sit down to WRITE the blog. *sigh*

This is the phrase that has been plaguing my thoughts this week:

"Wanting something means nothing if you're not going to DO anything to get what you want."

When I was trying to organize my 'crap' room I came across my old (seriously old, like when I was 17-18years old...old) journals. Here is the opening sentence to one entry: "I want to be thin...and I'm writing this as I eat a snickers bar." Well duh honey! That's not going to work! And today I find myself doing the exact same thing. Well, not really a snickers bar, but too many calories, not enough burn...etc. Whatever.

My score for the week on getting up early =  0/5, that's right. NO early mornings! DAMN IT! But, I will try again next week. I have to keep trying. One of these days I might actually get a foot on the floor, followed by the other foot, dressed and out the door. It could happen. Really. Swear.

Other things that were going through my head on my ride, which will become blog post (so stay tuned!):

  • I need new friends, ones that aren't I can feel like I am talented. 
  • This fat leg thingy issue is a curse, but a blessing.
  • Why do I stay at my job.
  • Women CAN be crazy and over sensitive, and then there's the other side of the coin. 
  • Why did I start this blog.
  • If self-loathing were a competition I could podium.
And so on and so on. At least I have ammunition for 6 new posts, and I think they'll turn out well.

But really, back to the 'wants'. Action is needed to make these 'wants' into reality. If I want a new bike I need to save for it. If I want to become a better athlete I have to practice/train. If I want to lose weight, like really lose the weight, I'm going to have to take action (fortunately I'm on the right path for this one!) And if I really want to do an Ironman I am going to have to DO a lot of 'somethings' to make it a reality. Actions speak louder than words, even if the words are only in your head. 

My solo ride was good today. I rode 26 miles at 16.4mph, so getting my speed back...slowly. I'm still about 2mph shy of what I was riding in 2009, so I'll keep at it. Can't get a new bike and suck. I completed my brick (run right after bike) and it was a struggle, but I didn't short myself. Yesterday I did my run, I didn't short myself. Tomorrow I will run AND swim...and that's right...I won't short myself. 

Tomorrow and the next day and the day after that I will strive to become a better version of myself. What will you do today or tomorrow or the next day to take a step towards those 'wants'?


Shanna May said...

Sleep is important for you too, honey. I don't want to be the one *not* encouraging you on your goals but geez, a girl's got to get some shut eye once in awhile or you'll be a walking (skinny) zombie. I just don't want you to set expectations for yourself that are unhealthy. Yes, exercise is healthy and I think it's great you're on WW (I think I need to get back on that so you've inspired me to look into it - thank you) but you also need rest time, honey. I get exhausted just reading your posts sometimes and I have 2 kids under 5 *and* a PT job!!! I love you and I'm so proud of all your efforts. Don't be so hard on yourself. Why are we women so hard on ourselves?! Put that on your list of blog topics too!

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The Sports Mama said...

"I need to find less talented friends, so that I feel more talented" (or something like that...I sorta suck at quoting exactly)

Dude... thought I filled that role for you? Because YOU? Are sooooo much more talented than I will ever be. :)

(It's okay, though.... I love you in spite of that!) :)