Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This is the week that Trainer has been waiting almost three months for...Motley Crue is coming to town for CrueFest and we have tickets. I'm a Metal Head by marriage. Any of you who know my background know that I studied classical music, and I grew up listening to the oldies station as far as rock n' roll goes. I was never much of a concert goer, we didn't have the money for it growing up and my musical taste was so non-committal that I didn't want to go see someone just to see them.

Since I started my relationship with Trainer I've been to six (possibly seven) KISS concerts, three Sammy Hagar concerts, an Aerosmith concert (which was f-ing COOL), a Velvet Revolver concert, and a smattering of other hair band concerts. I've also been privileged enough to see some of my favorite acts, but we're just talking about Metal here. Tonight we'll be driving to San Antonio (about an hour and a half or more) to see five heavy metal bands. I'm looking forward to the people watching. If ever I have doubts about how I look, these people always make me feel better. I know, that's a horrible thing to say, but really...these kinds of concerts are where they get those pictures that everyone sends around the Internet such as "white trash tank top." You know the one, where the woman is wearing men's underwear as a tank top?? Yeah, well, I'm looking forward to watching those and the slutty girls at the concert. Maybe I should keep a tally of the number of breasts that I see tonight.

The only bad part, if there is one, is that I'm the designated driver. We're going with Brassy and her beau New Orleans. They are a riot, very sweet and can be LOUD. They also can put down the booze...and then Trainer, being a competitive person with everything, will try and keep up. Good times. Then comes the end of the night where I have to corral them up, get them into the Tahoe and drive back home. I'm hoping that they'll all be good little ones and pass out so I have a quiet trip home...despite the ringing in my ears from being in the seventh row from the stage in the center.

I'll post tomorrow to let you know how it all went down.

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The Sports Mama said...

Do you have any idea how badly Coach wants to go to that when they get here?? He'd sell both the boys for tickets!

And? I love the added "pop" to the blog, babe! Your babies are beautiful! (the pups, not the feet.... although I suppose those could look worse...hehehe)