Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My heart belongs to Heart

Holy wow.

That sums up my concert experience on Friday. We arrived at the concert venue right about 7:30, traffic was HORRIBLE, so we missed half of Cheap Trick's set. We walked to our seats to "I want you to want me", which is one of my favorite songs that they sing. The only "bad" thing about Friday (besides the awful traffic and stale humidity) was having it follow Cruefest. Let's see if I can conjure up a mental image for you...

Cruefest - The crowd is about our age, but there are young (talking like 12-16yos - hey, I'm not the parent here) and then there are old (yep, the old ladies I was describing and their counter parts) people. All there, screaming, out of their seats, jumping up and down in the mosh pit area (where I happen to be). Then there are the artists...heavy metal bands tend to dominate the entire stage, they have props, they have pyro, they have cool lighting going on and they have...energy.

Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey - Well...the crowd is an AVERAGE of 58yo. The crowd stays seated the ENTIRE concert and if you get up in excitement they stare you down until you're seated once again. The artist dominate their one spot on the stage, if they move at all it's just a little circle area where the other band members are. Energy? I suppose through their voices, but not their actions.

The highlight of my night was seeing Heart. I love seeing the classics. As I've said previously, I've had the honor of seeing KISS and Aerosmith, and whether you like them or not they are legends. These bands have been around FOR-EVER.

Sorry, back to Heart...they toned down their 80s hits to sound more modern (less cheesy), they did most of them acoustically. They played for about an hour and every time Ann Wilson hit the sweet spot it made me want to weep. She has the power to make every hair on your body stand at attention. Nancy Wilson was awesome too, of course, playing the guitar, hitting the duet right on the money, and dancing around the stage like a little pixie. Truly amazing. Journey was the headlining band, but Heart stole the show.

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Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

HEART RULES!! I'm so glad I have another friend/fan who appreciates the fact that you don't need no Magic Man to go Crazy On You over Dreamboat Annie Wilson and Barracuda Nancy (sorry, I couldn't resist). I love those girls and would LOVE to see them live one of these days. Jeal-ous!