Friday, August 1, 2008


Do you know what today is?? It is August 1st...and what is the significance of that? It's BIRTHDAY MONTH! Okay, so really I only get a day, in my world I get a week, in my mind I get a month. I know, it is totally ridiculous, but after the birth of my dear baby brother this was the only thing that was mine and mine alone.

My birthday is actually on the 28th so I have a while to go. I've never been one of those people who dread their birthday. Trainer is definitely one of those. I mean, what is the big deal? It's one more year, some additional wrinkles, BUT a year's worth of knowledge and that is cool. I feel more powerful as I get older. Once I turned 30 I had the right to demand from the 20 somethings - "Hey you, yeah you...young thing...get me a F-ing glass of wine. Red and dry. Make it snappy!" I also have the knowledge to help people and the wisdom to know when and when NOT to give that advice. Yes, getting older has it's advantages.

Yoga Zen Babe is moving out to Austin this weekend! How flippin' excited am I??? Pretty excited! For all of those who will be missing her, I promise to take good care of her and send her out for visits every once in a while. :)

That's all for today. I know, lame...but, I do have work to do. Someone has to bring home a paycheck and keep their job...that would be me. So, until this safe!


The Sports Mama said...

I LOVE my birthday! But then again, you know how much of a production I make of it... :)

And? I remembered your birthday!! Well, I remember it NOW... guess we'll see how good I am in a few weeks, huh? ;)

YZB said...

Happy Birthmonth to you!