Thursday, August 21, 2008

A question to ponder...

One of my best friends is going through a divorce. God that's hard to say. I mean, the divorce itself is not nasty, just the circumstances surrounding it. The papers were just served and the long legal road begins. And of course with a divorce or break up you naturally start to think about dating again. She asked this question:

If you had to pick a male celebrity (personality type, looks, etc.) that would be my type of guy, who would it be?

Oooh, good question. You almost have to know your friends about as well as yourself to come up with the same answer as what is in their head. And of course, this particular friend I do, know well that is.

She's very much like me in many respects. We're both recovering co-dependents, and we have to work on it We both want to be taken care of but also have the natural instinct to be care GIVERS. We often give too much of ourselves and have a hard time accepting help, especially when it comes to letting us help ourselves. We both love to read all kinds of books, we love all kinds of music (and were raised on the same oldies tunes), we love discussions, we love to write. So what kind of man would be good for her?? I chose Patrick Dempsey for her. Not the same as I'd choose for myself. However, he's strong emotionally and physically, he's talented, he has his own hobbies...he's HOT. Yep, that's who I'd pick for her.

Now, for me...and funny, this is who she picked out for me...I picked Matt Damon. Not your typical hot Hollywood guy. Not like his counter part Ben Affleck. But in that rugged, you know he'd be good to you and good in bed way, he's hot.

How about you? Who is your celebrity guy? And not just for looks, or physical pleasure. Who do you think would suit you?


The Sports Mama said...

You realize that now I can't answer this question, right? 'Cuz I'd be cheating. :)

As for who I'd pick for me..... there are two. And since its MY fantasy, I'm getting both of 'em, and I'll alternate days or weeks or something.

Let me know if you can't guess who they are, ok? :)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Ryan Gosling is all mine!

yoga zen babe said...

Johnny Depp or John Malkovich

yoga zen babe said...

or Tyson Beckford

The Saint said...

Hugh Jackman and Joaquin Phoenix are welcome at my house anytime.