Friday, August 29, 2008

When the going gets rough...think of your friends

So, obviously I don't have children. When my life goes array and I'm thinking that it couldn't possibly get worse I usually call up a girlfriend to talk about it. They console me and validate my feelings. Then I always ask how they're doing. Some days they are fine and some days they are so busy that they can't get to the phone and I end up with one of these in my in box:

(This was in response to my birthday picture email)

OMG! You look frickin' gorgeous! Hopefully Trainer noticed and paid some overdue attention to you and your smooth cha-cha! :-)

Looking at the pictures made me feel 3 things:

1. My friend is f*cking hot!
2. I'm really sad that I wasn't there. :-(
3. How weird that I don't know any of these people, with the exception of Trainer and Legs

Was Yoga Zen Babe able to go? How is she? How are you? I was sleeping when you called. I had a bad day yesterday. At one point, I thought I was totally going insane. I lost it and broke into tears about 3 or 4 times throughout the day and then Hubby and I had a bad phone conversation in the midst of my breakdown. I think I just try to hold it together so well 95% of the time, that I forget how exhausted and overwhelmed I really am.

After all was said and done and our actual storm passed (we had some monsoon yesterday), it was cool enough for all of us to go outside and play, which was wonderful! It was breezy and it cooled off like 20 degrees, so that was nice. The kids love it outside.

I think it will be better once daughter #1 goes back to preschool. There won't be as much entertaining to do, and I can play with the twins more than usual.


Day after day after day just gets really hard. I'm so sick of picking up the house and cleaning the kitchen! Blah!

Anyway, back to you, birthday monther girl! Any juicy stories to tell about your partay? :-)

Okay, so you're thinking...heck, I've had those days right? Well, the next morning I get THIS email in my inbox:

Okay, so to continue from the message I sent on Monday:

F*CK! It's supposed to be nap time, but my darling daughter #1 woke up both babies with her "playing quietly" routine she attempts in lieu of sleeping. Here's how it all played out:


M: Honey, go to bed!

D1: Okay, Mommy. Lil' Sis is awake.

M: Okay, just go to bed!

D1: Okay, but I think Lil' Sis is awake, Mommy.

M: I heard you, honey, I will deal with it. Go to bed!

D1: (somehow thinking she heard me say, "Hey, honey, will you bring Sis down, please?) Mommy, here's Sis...(as Sis sits and cries at the top of the stairs).

M: Did you get her out of her bed?! GET TO BED! (I scoop up Lil Sis and take her back to her bed for nap while Honey bursts into tears. This sudden dramatic cry of despair wakes up Lil' Brother, of course, who was sleeping soundly) Now they're both awake! Get to bed, close your eyes, and I better not hear one more sound coming from this room, do you understand me?!

D1: Yeeeeeeeees, Mo-o-o-mmmmy... :-( (as she is still bawling).

I go downstairs to resume my "rest time" hoping that the babies, who are both still crying, will go back to sleep. After 10 minutes, Lil' Brother is still crying, so I go upstairs to comfort him. Well, since I have creaky floors, Lil' Sis hears me get him and starts to fuss herself! Lord in heaven, seriously?!

I put Lil' Bro back in his bed (who is not happy with my choice) and I check on Lil' Sis. Well, guess what! Lil' Sis i
s poopy! Go downstairs, change her smelly diaper, take her back upstairs and put her back in her bed.

Meanwhile, the child who started this whole nap nightmare is sleeping soundly like the princess she is in her pretty comfy bed!

p.s. Babies are still crying...which is why I didn't answer the phone when you called today, and why I haven't tried calling you back yet...

On top of it all, I have a big ass pimple on the side of my mouth (what?), and I have no idea what we're having for dinner!!!! Cue the Calgon commercial!!!

So, life is effin' great, rockin', no troubles. Today, on my way home I will call Soul Mate (who's children's name I've changed to protect their identity...hahaha. That's me letting you know that she really doesn't call her kids those silly names) and let her just talk it out. That's better (and cheaper) than me having to fly to Arizona to get her out of jail.


The Sports Mama said...

After having lived with my brother in law and his two sets of twins for a while when I first moved out here, I can sympathize with Soul Mate. And I can count my blessings that even with his night terrors (still!! going on ten years now... someone up above can call a halt to those any day now!), the ADHD and the Bipolar disorder.. Bug is still mostly manageable.

The teenager? Whole 'nother story.... :)

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Reading this is birth control. No more sex for Sexy Hippy!

Rockin Austin said...

Sexy Hippy - Yeah...right. ;) You can only "buzz" for so long!

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

Okay, so I lied. I already fell off the wagon since 9:10pm last night. I have zero willpower.