Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 'All About ME' week begins...

I suppose it started when I wrote my blog about August huh? Here is a run down of my week, I'm preparing for my big party on Saturday!!

Monday - Nothing because Monday's suck.

Tuesday - Massage by Brassy and it was fabulous.

Wednesday - Facial by Smiley's sister and again, fabulous.

Thursday - Wax on...riiiiippppp....wax off. Yeah, this may not FEEL fabulous, but I'll LOOK fabulous...just about everywhere.

Friday - Airbrush tan. Yep, I've gone Hollywood.

Somewhere in here I need to throw in a mani/pedi. I'm thinking the manicure on Saturday while the house is being "put together" for the party. The pedicure I'll have to do either tonight or tomorrow since I can't get my feet/legs wet after I get airbrushed.

This will be my second airbrushing experience. It's a little funky to be standing in front of someone (a complete stranger) for about an hour, hands out, completely naked. Here's the "funny" thing...last time I went (which, again, was the first time) I took off all my clothes while she was in the room and what did I cover??? My breasts. Yep, left the va-ja-jay out there, but had to cross my arms over my boobs. HAHA! This time will be doubly interesting because I'm getting waxed the day before. I won't spell that one out, and I'm sure they've seen it all...but still. After I'm done I'll look like a Brazilian Super Model, white teeth and bright eyes...okay, maybe not a Super Model, but I'll look Brazilian. Ask Yoga Zen Babe, she saw me after the first one.

The other funky thing about getting an airbrush tan is that you can't really put your underthings back on after you're done. So, you leave the facility going commando, top and bottom. Last time I thought I was going back to work afterward, but had to call Smiley and tell her, "Yeah, I'm not coming in." She said, "Are you okay?" and I said, "I can't wear a bra." I think her laughter was enough to tell me that she understood.

I haven't decided what I'm going to wear to my big soiree. I don't want to get too fancy since it's just at my house, but I want to look good. I got my hair cut last Thursday in a Katie Holmes meets Rihanna kind of way. I LOVE it. Super short and tousled, but more to the front. It's hot. So, I need the outfit to go with the hair, that goes with the tan that compliments my nails. Any ideas? :)

I know, I sound like a complete spoiled brat right now, and I am. I love, love, love my birthday and I'm not ashamed of it. A day that is ALL.ABOUT.ME!


Yoga Zen Babe said...

I've seen the tan and it looks fantastic. There is something very powerful and amazing about sitting in a tea shop with your very tan friend knowing that she isn't wearing any underwear. It made me think "Wow. I wish I was that tan. Wow. I wish I wasn't wearing any underwear."

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

YZB, you know, you too can go commando for no occasion at all! I do it all the time and I highly recommend it! :)

YAY Birthdays - DOUBLE-YAY Y-O-U!!!