Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spelling...and other pet peeves

Why the fu*k can't people spell?? This is perhaps one of my greater pet peeves. There are SO many "tools" that will check your spelling, least of which is the FU*KING dictionary. In case you've forgotten how to use it they have an online version now. Hooray for us.

Seriously. I belong to WW online. (I can't stand the meetings) A lady who was trying to write 'supposed to' wrote 'spouse to'. Is that even CLOSE??? Okay, I suck at grammar, I'll admit it, I do. I even have the grammar check 'tool' on. I have two friends, Soul Mate and The Executive who are grammar sticklers, and I always double check my emails before I send them to those two. Trainer...terrible speller. But, at least when he's writing an email or his blog he uses the spell check function.


Why can't people DRIVE the speed limit? Another pet peeve of mine. I'm not saying that you have to haul ass and drive 15 miles over the speed limit, but come ON man, just go 65...like the sign says...it's not a suggestion.


Why do people assume that I don't LIKE children just because we don't want to have them? Why do people assume that I am BAD with children? Kids LOVE me, I think it's the big boobs...who knows. I love certain kids, mostly the ones that are pseudo related to me, which includes all of my friend's children. I'll admit that when I'm in a restaurant and I hear a screaming child I cringe. The only people who aren't cringing are the parents who have selective hearing and the ability to shut that other noise out. Which is my NEXT pet peeve...

If your child is screaming in a restaurant why doesn't the parent REMOVE the child? I don't want to be a part of the lesson or school of thought that just lets children throw tantrums or lets them 'cry it out'. What kind of bullshit is that?? I know, I know, it's difficult to go out when you have children so you want to enjoy your time out. That doesn't mean that you have the right to interrupt everyone else meal. You popped the kid out, it's 18yrs (if you're lucky) of sacrifices for you, not for me.


Why do people get dogs just to put them in the backyard? These animals need companionship, leadership, and to be a party of the family (or in their mind - the pack). We lived in Phoenix for almost 15 years and I knew people that kept their dogs outside. These people should have been kept outside. Assholes. I can understand if it is a working dog and the climate is okay, or if they have acceptable shelter, as long as the dog is happy and healthy. But to keep a dog outside with no contact with people, just food and water? For shame people, for shame.

My pups are a part of the family, they are spoiled, they get to sit on the furniture, we get a sitter for them if we're gone over night. I don't expect that everyone would do this...but it's similar to having a kid...you brought the dog home - time for you to make the necessary sacrifices that come with ownership.


Going out to eat in large groups. This is a great thing, we're all having a good time, it's loud, it's funny, it's wonderful...up until the time the check comes. I usually take over the duty of splitting up the check since I work with numbers all day, apparently I'm good at it. Most of my friends are WONDERFUL about splitting the check, but there are a few who really only want to pay for exactly what they got...not a penny (literally a penny) more. When Trainer and I go out to eat with another couple we'll usually just suggest that we split the check. Even if the other couple had more to eat or drink, which is usually the case. We figure that it will all work out in our lifetime.

The penny pinchers...get a life. Seriously. We're all broke. We all have debt. We ALL need the extra money. If you can't part with those pennies...stay home.


My last pet peeve is this silly blog right now...I'm having spacing issues...they are there, but not when I post... (#*&%(*@&#@


yoga zen babe said...

I'm a granny driver. Sorry. :( I've been in too many really terrible accidents. I think I have PTSD. Mr.Yoga Zen Babe thinks I need counseling for my granny-driving-nervous-passenger ways.

I know you didn't ask, but my biggest pet peeve is when people misspell words for the sake of being cute. Crap like "Kidz Korner" or "Kwik Kwilts". Most of the time it is done for kid things which really blows my mind. Like there aren't enough dumb kids running around already.

Oh, and another pet peeve is when people tuck in their shirts but don't wear a belt and have visible empty belt loops. Egads.

Oh, and ANOTHER pet peeve is people like me who hijack the comments section of a blog to talk about themselves. HA!

The Sports Mama said...

Spelling.... bugs me, too. You know this.

Kids? WTH? Mine love you. Of course, with my two, I don't think its the boobs so much as your dogs. :) And, had Coach and I been part of a religion that demanded godparents, you'd have been Jock's godmother. (But I swear I wouldn't have made you wear that silly ball gown or tiara. Unless you wanted to.)

Speed limit? I think that's the minimum speed my car goes on the highway. ;)

Rockin Austin said...

Hijack away YZB! I love it!

Sportsmama - I totally would have worn a tiara...

the saint said...

My biggest pet peeve of the moment is when people are at work, and they leave their cell phone's ringer on. Oh, they never seem to be near their phone when it rings, nor do they realize they are surrounded by other people who are also at work, actually trying to work. Good God, do they not have a pocket? Could they not take that phone and carry it with them and put it on "vibrate"?

My other pet peeve of the moment is this complete jackass in my office who literally plays Battleship (as in, "You sunk my Battleship") in his cubicle. He's brilliant.

Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you on all your pet peeves. I actually had a woman at an Italian restaurant get up from her seat at her table and walk outside to thank me for removing our little monster from the place when she had a little meltdown. She said she wished more parents would do that.

And you KNOW how I feel about the whole cheap-ass-can't-pitch-in-when-it-comes-time-for-the-bill issue! Makes my blood boil. I concur - stay home if you can't afford it!

If I were to add my own gripe, it would be people who are rude to those in the service industry (or those who simply omit the words "please" and "thank you" from their vocab). It's not that difficult to be polite.

Wow, I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me rage a little...