Saturday, August 23, 2008

The funny thing about blogging...

When you decide to start a blog you kind of put yourself out there. Now, I originally started this blog to keep my far away friends in touch with my life here in Austin, but then it became a living breathing thing. Somewhere I could go to get out all those thoughts that are in my head. My good friend Sportsmama really got me into this whole thing. Anyway, also through her I've found some really funny, witty sites. I've added them to my blog list on the side there. Check them out.

The other thing that happens when you start blogging is that you want people to read your blog. You WANT the comments (of course Allan's was...interesting), you want to know that you are connecting with people. The best way to do this is to comment on someone else's blog and hope that they come see yours. Of course when you do should think about the content that you are posting on such day. Such as talk about sex, self-servicing and vibrators. Not that I'm ashamed of any of those things, I enjoy them all. :) However, as pointed out, it's quite an my apologies, and there is never a reason to have to knock at my door.

Yesterday I was bored out of my mind at work so I went back to read some of the blogs I've posted, and I tell you, I was pretty witty myself in the beginning. Not that I'm intentionally slacking now, but there are days when my posts seriously lack humor or meaning. I'm going to try and avoid those, but bear with me if you see a couple. It takes a while to get the creative juices flowing after writing company financial reports to be submitted to the SEC.

Today is my birthday party, how exciting huh? I have a list of crap that needs to get done, starting with walking the pups this morning. So, I'll leave you now...but I'll be back later. If I'm not too hungover tomorrow I will give a full account of the party, everything that I can remember anyway.

Oh, and in case you were all concerned...I finally got laid. Thank god, the goddess and any other spiritual entity that had a hand in it....haha. Peace out!


Sexy Hippy (why not?!) said...

I love your blogging - witty or not. Bring it.

P.S. Have a wonderful party. I will clink my baby's sippy cup in your honor today.

P.P.S. Yay for getting laid. Love post-wax sex!! Yummy!!

slick said...

somebody got laid and it wasn't me? The nerve of some people......

And about yesterdays post? Ppfftt I didn't have time to grab the camera!

Enjoy your party but be careful!!

The Sports Mama said...

Hope your party was everything everyone tells you it was, and then some. :)