Sunday, August 24, 2008

The birthday party

Oh my effing head hurts, my stomach feels like I've been on a rocking boat non-stop since I woke up and my bones actually ache. You know what that means right? It was a really good party. :) Writing this is actually challenging at the moment because I have to look at this white's bright. Apparently we didn't go to bed until about 3am, I woke up this morning at the upstairs bedroom...and I have no idea why. I think that I was turning the lights off upstairs and the bed looked good. Hmmm...yeah, maybe that's what happened. Although, my clothes were on my bedroom floor that was downstairs.

That's it for now, I'll write more later...when I have time at work...HAHAHAHA!


yoga zen babe said...

I'm sorry your head hurts, but god damn, you looked smokin' on Saturday.

Mr.Yoga Zen Babe even said so. He said "Rockin Austin looks smokin'"

Like a Smokin' Brazilian.

totegirl said...