Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And that went downhill fast

Okay, so I'm not an extremist. I wanted to be, but I couldn't hack it. Even with the favorable comments from Sports Mama. *Sigh*... The no-sugar plan failed, of course I failed to plan...which is the first big mistake that people make when trying to lose weight on a whim. :) So, instead of sheer torture, must not have any sugar at all in my diet, I am instead going to do this the smart way. Well, smart is a relative term...I'm going to do it in the way that I can stick to it!

This week my goal is not to have any candy, no chocolate, no visiting the big ass candy bowl on the other side of my cube. AND my running partner is back so we're back to jogging three times a week and I'm doing my Core Class on the weekend. So far so good...no chocolate or any kind of candy, not even this weekend.

I wanted to "shock" my system and I ended up starving and not being able to make a rational decision. Won't do that again...well, I probably will knowing me. Later.


The Sports Mama said...

Dude... the ability to follow through on something leaves plenty of room for adjustments. :) You recognized where you needed to adjust, and you're making them. See? Follow through!

fattygetsfit said...

keep on trucking sistah