Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new suit!!!

Today was a pretty cool day. Well, I mean work was 'eh, work' but the rest of the day was good. Tomorrow I get the office to myself as Officemate has her Friday 'work from home' day. Last week a girl from T3 told the group about a website that was selling swim suits for $25. Now if you've actually gone shopping for 'swimming' swim suits (not the 'I really want to look cute at the beach' swim suits) you'll find that the lamest Speedo's run about $50-$60. I've been needing a new suit (maybe this will motivate me to get IN the pool) so this was good timing.

What do you think? And I'm telling you that I've made HUGE strides with my self-esteem to be even posting these pictures. Yay me!

As you can see I'm a little chubs , but we're working on it! It is one size smaller than my last practice suit. Oh, and the reason that it is so cheap is that you don't get to pick it...just the size and they send you whatever. They didn't have my size in the Speedo so I picked a Nike suit. I'll have to re-establish my tan lines as this suit is a little lower in the back (you can see more of my tat!!) and the straps are thinner. And no...I am not TRYING to get a tan, I wear sun screen, a lot it. The fact that I am half Mexican just makes it easier to get and keep I haven't been in the pool in a few months where the sun was shining.

And here is a favorite picture of mine....he's so darn sweet...

In other news today:
I am not eating enough. That's right. Not enough. That is why I am staying the same weight as I move it and shake it along the tri-course. So, I've altered what I'm eating and when I'm eating. Out with the candy though. It's just not good for me and does nothing as far as fuel for my body. Now...the occasional scone with YZB I will not give up. That's more than fuel, it's food for my soul. :) Peace out peeps! Time to make din-din!


yzb said...

Oh la la, you look like a sexy spider-woman!

And is that a new headband?

Next time get the spelt berry scone.

The Sports Mama said...

First, you're hawt and you know it! :) I love love love that suit!!

Love the headband thingy too! And it should go without saying that I love the shot with the puppy. He's so awesome.

And really, a size smaller is SOOOOOO something to brag on and post pictures of!! I am so proud of you!!

Coach Logan said...

I barely know you but I have to say your dog rocks!

Coach Logan said...

"I'm the really slow track girl (and I'm okay with that.) :)"....keep working on it and that name won't last for long.