Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh Mr Sun how I love thee

It was sunny today, and warm! (bonus!) It's amazing what a difference it made in my overall attitude.

The weather has really been challenging my will to train. I still haven't put on a swim suit, it's been over 2 weeks. Just thinking about putting on my suit in the 30 degree weather keeps me in bed. I did just 'okay' with my training this week. I went to spin once, strength trained once, ran twice but did manage to ride outside both yesterday (in crappy weather) and again today (in AWESOME weather!) swimming.

Trainer and I went out for a beer yesterday, it's been a while since we'd been out. You remember...all of this financial planning stuff cutting into all sorts of fun stuff that we used to do! (But it will ALL be worth it in the end, when we're debt free.) We had yummy food and strong beer, then went home to drink more beer, stayed up way too late talking about life and had some fun between the sheets before we both passed out. Good stuff.

Not much else to report. I had a lot to say, but it's all escaped me for the time. I hate it when that happens. Later gators.


T said...

lots of exercise happening there... you know there is something to be said for those "sheet workouts" - good calorie burning :)

totegirl said...

Oh what a glorious day it was! I actually broke a sweat! With no hoodie! Haha!

Have a great week!!!

justjuliebean said...

The sun really makes a difference for me, too, especially if it's been over a week since it last showed. Between the sheets is my fave exercise, though I still get lots of the other kind.

Sexy Hippy said...

Ah ha! Sheets exercise! Now *that's* something I could get behind (or in front of or underneath or on top of or on the side...) Sorry. Had to.