Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Beer:30

Ok,'s really only 4:20p, but beer time is getting close. Tonight I'm going to HH with the T3 crowd, this will be my first one with them. Trainer is training Brassy and then she's coming over to give him a massage so I'm flying solo. Eh, hopefully my mingling skills haven't completely lost me.

It was SUCH a nice day in the office, quiet, steady...nice.

OH, I had my lunch with Sprinter! She put all of my data into her handy little system and the results were the same...not eating enough. This is the theory as to why I'm so tired. So this week I have been doing what I was told, eating more and eating earlier. My dinners are late, but have no starch or very little if I need it. I'm not sure of what it's going to do with the Coumadin, but I'll check that out in a couple of weeks. Here's a sample of my day:

Breakfast - 400-450 cals (depending on workouts)
Oatmeal with peanut butter or vanilla yogurt (I put these IN the oatmeal)
Piece of fruit
2 eggs + 1 cup of veggies + starch (beans or grain) and a piece of toast (with PB if I don't have the starch

Snack - 200 cals
Fruit + cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese

Lunch - 450-500 cals (biggest meal of the day)
Leftovers WITH the starch (pasta, beans, rice etc) with salad
Turkey sandwich with salad or fruit

Snack - 200 cals
Veggies + hummus + turkey

Dinner - 400 cals
1/2 plate made up of salad 1/4 lean protein and if I need it 1/8 starch and if not 1/4 veggie

Snack - IF needed
1oz dark chocolate

I haven't needed the snack after dinner and for me it's better if I don't even start on the chocolate. It's a "none is better than one" item for me. So far I've had more energy in the mornings this way...even though I still haven't made it to the 5:45am swim. Now that I have my food down AND a cool new suit I'll be trying it next week. 30 min to go people...30 min. And no, I haven't figured out how the beer fits in yet, but I will...oh...I will.

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Anonymous said...

Still seems like very little for someone working out as much as you are. I can't imagine how you did it before you upped your calories. Were you cold, too, or just tired? I've been camping over a week, eating way too little, and I get so chilly.

I wonder how many calories I eat, don't think it's the same day to day, maybe I should track for a week. Seems a lot of work, and I don't even have a kitchen scale.