Monday, March 1, 2010

Effin' People

It was either that title or "I hate People," which I don't...most of the time...and hate is a really strong word. I digress.

This weekend was pretty cool. I did the HH thing on Friday, it was cold and there were some people inside and some outside. Generally friendly crowd, I just stayed for 1 bevo as I knew I had to get up early in the am for the group ride. I was really looking forward to the ride because it's one of my favorite routes.

Got up, made it there with time to spare and was trying to talk to people in the parking lot, most were cool. The ride was great, my legs felt really good, I averaged 16.4 and rode by myself pretty much the whole way. I'm an in-betweener, not fast but not too slow. When I was in riding shape I was up around 18mph for that ride, but I'm working back towards it and was happy with how I did. Now, when I got back to the parking lot there was a small group of girls gathered and I rode up. I had been to HH with one of them about a month back, had talked to another after swim practice and they weren't talking about anything privately. One of the girls (the one I had gone to HH with a month back) just didn't acknowledge me, completely ignored me and almost made an effort to make me feel uncomfortable. Blatant. That's what it was.

I get that there are long standing relationships within this group. I get that not everyone is going to be like, "Hey, welcome to the group!" and be all cheerful. However I felt that she was being very rude (on purpose) and unwelcoming. Who knows, maybe this girl and I will eventually become day far far away. I can be a bitch, I know that about myself, but when I first meet someone I don't put all those cards out on the table. You have to be liked before any of that is funny. It's just disappointing I guess. Maybe they didn't recognize me, I seem to be unforgettable these days. People that I've met 3 or 4 times over these past 5 months ask me if I'm every week. Eh, Eff it.

Saturday late afternoon/evening Trainer and I headed out for a beer...or two. I had my favorite of the month - Young's Double Chocolate Stout (be still my heart!) and we munched on some tasty eats. It wasn't healthy by any means, but it was a good time. We came home, drank a little more, stayed up too late once again on a Saturday night and slept in on Sunday morning. I woke up, made a fantabulous breakfast (egg and veggie scramble with a side of whole wheat raspberry pancakes), had a hangover lunch, watched movies all day and then ended with roasted chicken....and chocolate chip cookies. Whoops.

I had to change out my bike tube AGAIN, when I took it out of the truck the back tire was flat. Thank GAWD it didn't pop on the ride, there were no shoulders to the road. My fingers are all cut up from the change and then this morning I decided not to go to spin until I get the training tire. Otherwise I'll be spending big bucks on tires all year...and changing flats.

Today I ran 3 miles...STRAIGHT! That's right people, 30 min of running with no walk breaks. Hills, declines and flats were all included. Tonight I'll need to foam roll it out and stretch really good. The return may be slower than slow, but I'm coming back baby!!


totegirl said...

Fuck yeah on the ride! Some guy was telling me about a thin strip of something that goes between your tire and tube that can help stop flats. Heard of it? Sorry that people suck. They can. But maybe they were having a shitty day and it made them feel better? That's what I try and tell myself when it happens to me. Cheer up, pumpkin! You're the best! Hope we can hang out soon!

schmitball13 said...

I'll come kick their ass for you! They shouldn't be treating you like that. No matter how mean they can be, I still think you rock!

Anonymous said...

I hate when people act like that. Catty, I think is what they call it.

I just got the slime tube, not convinced it'll help. Why would your fingers be messed up from changing tire?

sexy hippy said...

I will kick some serious Austin ass if I hear this happens again. I know I'm not that menacing, but I will f*ck a sista up if she messes with my girl again!! ;)