Friday, March 19, 2010

Times a flyin' and so am I

Wow, it's been another week or so since I posted. Here are the updates:

*As I said last post, found a flight out of Austin on Saturday night. My little brother IS coming out, and he'll wait at the airport for me so my dad just makes one trip. We're all staying together in a 2 bedroom suite, that ought to be "fun." BUT, that will keep us in one place and it will be easier on dad, I'll probably end up driving.

*I had a virus in my Pharynx, they put me on a high dose of steroids for a week, that really messed me up...especially when I paired it with tequila.

*My friend from UT came out for the weekend, we had a great time. She might just be moving here for a job so we looked around houses in the area and had margaritas on Friday night at Jorge's. (FABULOUS margs and food if you're in Austin.) However, that night and the next morning I was paying for the combination of steroids and tequila. Eh, it was fun while it lasted.

*I sucked it up and went to see a scary movie. For those of you who are semi-new...I HATE scary movies. My older brother used to chase me around the house in a ski mask with real knives and guns. Apparently my parents thought that he was old enough and responsible enough to watch me while they were out for a couple of hours. I would barricade myself in the bathroom, my room, the cars....anywhere I thought he couldn't find me. He always did. I think I helped him develop his keen hunting skills. However, this scarred me for life. I hate being scared, feeling scared...anything scared. Poor Trainer hasn't seen a scary movie in 15 years. And if he starts watching one on tv I go into the other room and put headphones on so I can't hear it. I know, I's silly. So, I was very proud of myself for going to see this movie.

Shutter Island, it looked scary in the previews. It wasn't scary. A little suspenseful, but nothing hair raising. Bummer. I'm still proud of myself for deciding to go...but kind of a let down. Eh.

*I signed up for a charity ride, a 62.5 mile ride through the hill country. It's been beautiful out, in the mid to high 70s, slight breeze...perfect spring weather. And do you know what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow??? Fricken thunder storms and a 70% chance of rain...IN.THE.MORNING. So, the ride may be postponed, which changes my plans since I have to board a flight Saturday late in the day. I need time to get the swelling down in the left gargantuan leg before the flight, which means an hour or more of putting my leg up in the air. What are the chances? Oh...and they say that it is going to be breezy and in Austin that translates into 'a wall of wind' that will change direction so you will have a head wind most of the way. If it's nice out today maybe I'll go out on Parmer and do at least 30.

*I'm getting my hair cut today. Yes, I'm trying to grow it out for Tri-season. I don't know...I look terrible with long hair, but to be able to pull it back would be great. I thought about just getting the bangs trimmed, but it's a mess. And no one wants to go see family looking all crazy. I haven't seen some of these people in 24 years. I was 12. So, I need to look decent.

That about wraps it up. Sorry for the long post. If I don't chat with you tomorrow everyone have a great weekend and I'll report back next week. Peace out Peeps!


Stephanie said...

Steriods + tequila sounds like a messy cocktail to me.
That's pretty scary about your brother! I'd be terrified of horror movies too.
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The Sports Mama said...

First of all, sweetheart.. you have NEVER looked bad, with hair of ANY lenght. Go on...dare you to argue with me. :)

Second, you are a better woman than I. If I had to share a hotel room with EITHER of my brothers, you'd be getting a call to bail my butt outta jail. And it would still be early in the evening.

Scary movies? Highly overrated. And it's true cuz I said so.

theemptynutjar said...

thank u for the sweet comment on my blog recently. u seem like a very kind person. hope u are having a nice day. scary movies offer good distraction i think!