Thursday, March 25, 2010

A sad week

So my week started off with a funeral on Monday and it will end with another funeral on Friday. One of my very good friends Smiley lost her husband. I believe it was on Monday. I got the call on Tuesday and today I'm going over to be with her and her family.

I left my family yesterday and it gets harder and harder. My parents, bless their souls, are not spring chickens (although with my mom you would never know...) and every funeral that we attend together I'm reminded of that fact. I spent a LOT of time with family starting on Sunday and ending with yesterday afternoon before being dropped off at the airport 4 hours early. Over at my aunt's house (that she shared with my Grandmother) I was able to look at some really, really old photos of my family, that was pretty cool. I took some for myself of my dad and my grandpa (who passed away 26 years ago.) My little brother did make it out and it was good time spent with him as well. I wish my older brother could have made it, but not this time.

My grandmother had a long, good life filled with success and happiness. She, like everyone, had family issues that linger on for my aunt, but overall a good life. Her funeral was quaint, the words spoken kind, just like her. She took in my dad when he was 12 and turned his life around after he got out of the service at age 20. Thank god for that, otherwise I wouldn't exist. Bless your soul Grandma.

My friend's husband...his life ended much too quick, he was only 37. Terrible circumstance, I won't go into the details as it's not my story to tell. He leaves behind a precious wife, a seven month old baby, and two children from a previous marriage ages 16 and 11. Tragic. Bless your soul and I hope you have found peace.

After tomorrow I regain normalcy in my life, my own at least. Trainer's birthday is Saturday as well. He has already picked out what he wants but let's see if I can give him a little something to remember.

Peace to you all.


Marta said...

Oh, man, that is awful. But I'm glad you not only got to go to Cali, but you got to spend quality time with your peeps. I hope your friend is okay, too. :(

The weather looks like it's about to cooperate with us. You riding?

Sexy Hippy said...

Shaking my head with no words of comfort to offer. Terribly sad. My heart is heavy for you, your family and your friend who, perhaps, has the heaviest burden of all. :(