Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day post

Okay, I hate Valentine's day, always have, always will. It's such a corporate holiday that guilts people into spending money on crap to show their love for someone. I'd rather show it all year and be shown in surprising ways. I know...I know, a ton of people love it, and it IS fun for kids. But whatever, I hate it. So...Happy Crappy Day peeps!

This morning I went downtown at 5:30am to support Trainer on his run. He ran a 1/2 marathon this morning and I have to say he kicked some ass. I LOVE supporting him at his races, especially if they are designed well and I can see him ON the course in several places instead of just the start and finish line. Really, that is when the runner needs you the least. There are a ton of people there cheering, where they really need you is half way through and towards the end, when it seems like the race is going to go forever and the hills feel like they are getting longer and steeper as you climb. This is where I station myself. Mile 6-7 and mile 12 towards the top of the hill. I shout things like, "Great job! Keep it up! Looking strong" at the midway point and, "Pick it UP Trainer!! Stay strong! Finish STRONG! Go, Go, GO!!!" And it seems to benefit him in some way. It's fun for me to be in that atmosphere and I get this great swell of pride when I see him running strong, determined face, muscles are working and seeing that running is just as natural to him as breathing.

The funny thing is, if it's a race for him I don't mind the cold or getting up early. I love being the support team. I love feeling like I'm an integral part of his run (in my head anyway!) I just look at him running and love him, for everything he is and the happiness just about bursts out of my body. Now, for my own races I loathe getting up in the morning, the tediousness of getting everything ready, the nerves...ugh. But his them!

My January and February have been filled with inconsistent training. MWG asked me how it was going...and I told the truth...crappy. It's been so cold here (for Texas people) that I haven't wanted to get in the pool. I know it's heated, but it's still outside and there is still a five minute window when I have to be unclothed and COLD AS HELL before I get into said warm water. And cycling with the team has gone to pot as well, I meant it when I said I wouldn't ride unless it was 45 out. Or I'd even go if it was 40! Yesterday? 37 by 9am. Didn't go. I rode by myself at 4:30p, when it was 50. I got a flat tire on my way out so I only did 13 miles (I had planned for 30), but was doubly happy that I didn't ride in the morning b/c if I would have gotten a flat while it was in the 30s I would have died. Okay, maybe not died, but changing a tire sucks as it is...adding the cold to it and cold/slow fingers?? And running is sucking b/c it's hurting.

My motivation and confidence are in the crapper. I have no schedule to follow b/c I haven't signed up for (read: committed to) a race yet. Ugh. Crap. Is anyone selling motivation and confidence these days? If so, please email me...I'll buy a case.

Oh, and side note (b/c I promised Sexy Hippy) the best thing for pre-race jitters at night...when you're having trouble falling getting laid. I had the honors of de-stressing Trainer last night. It.was.awesome.


T said...

haha - it's nice to know that I'm not the only Anti-Valentine's person in the world... even being happily married for 16 years I cringe at the thought of a forced day of flowers/treats/bedroom favors... smacks of prostitution to me... grrrrr... (and excessive spending on something that wilts just rubs me the wrong way...)

Shanna May said...

Hurray for the smut! ;) Thanks, love.

Anonymous said...
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